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Up, up and away!

Take your clarinet skills to the next level with Edmund Jolliffe’s Taking Off and Flying High. Formerly published by Spartan Press, we are proud to release these new, wonderfully re-engraved editions. Each book features ten tunes with piano accompaniment that are guaranteed to make you smile.

Taking Off

Featured on the ABRSM’s Grade 1 Clarinet syllabus, Tea for Two is just one of ten cool pieces from Edmund Jolliffe’s collection Taking Off. Crafted to nurture technical ability with maximum musical enjoyment, they embrace a variety of moods: upbeat in At the CircusTea for Two and Climbing the Stairs, laid back in Calm WatersGone Fishing and The Lapping Waves, edgy in The PickpocketThe Python and Cat Burglar, and serious in Funeral Procession. Grades 1 and 2 scale and arpeggio patterns are transformed with unfailing skill into memorable tunes, and there is fun for the pianist, with bluesy chords, dance styles and easy swung accompaniments.

Flying High

Flying High is crafted with the same generous gift for musical enchantment as its companion set Taking Off, while written to a slightly higher grading. Marked ‘cool and a little mischievous’, the seventh piece Ready to Pounce features on the ABRSM’s Grade 2 Clarinet syllabus. There is plenty of gentle humour elsewhere in the collection too, in On ParadeThe Big TopMisbehavin’ and The Juggler. In On the SwingsLittle Ditty and Loafing in the Sun things are easy-going, while the mood turns warm and reflective in The Setting Sun and Evening Stroll. The memorable melodies and stylish yet simple piano parts in all ten pieces show Edmund Jolliffe’s special gifts as a communicator tuned to perfection.

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