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Thomas, Ruthie: You Can’t Keep a Good Song Down


Eleven songs to warm the heart and praise the Lord

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The words and music of Ruthie Thomas proclaim the power of Christ in our world, through a distinctive voice and vision blending African-Caribbean, jazz, soul and calypso styles. Singing in her father’s Pentecostal Church was an important part of her childhood, preparing the ground for her vocation to offer the Lord’s praises through her very special gifts as performer and songwriter. Her message flows from the heart, affirming the good tidings of faith and of the Bible as balm and inspiration for all believers.

1 The Song of Boaz
2 Song of the Robin [clip…]
3 Something in Me [clip…]
4 Oh Mary where is your baby
5 You can’t keep a good song down
6 Jesus Loves Forever
7 The Cross is raised [clip…]
8 Come ye to the waters
9 He is the song in my heart
10 Keep your eyes on the sun
11 Blow that silver trumpet, Gabriel! [clip…]

It was a great pleasure in 2012 to travel to picturesque Tenby, South Wales, to work with Ruthie Thomas on the launch of her CD, The Cross is raised. Now it is a real delight to have the songs available in printed form in the beautifully produced booklet You Can’t Keep A Good Song Down. Ruthie vibrant melodies and thought‐provoking words can comfort us in the bad times, help us rejoice all the more in the good times. The strength of love and happiness are explored in The Song of Boaz, an unusual approach to the Old Testament story of Ruth. This song reminds us that human emotions transcend barriers of time. Similarly, the suffering of Mary the mother of Christ is given poignant treatment in Oh Mary, where is your baby? Ruthie uses a gospel vibe in the up‐tempo number Blow silver trumpet Gabriel, that expresses a warmth present throughout the collection. For singers keen to respond to their local situation, Ruthie offers The Cross is raised which could easily be adapted to insert any appropriate place name. Opportunities for a dramatic opportunities can be found in the beautiful Song of the Robin. This bitter‐sweet number is inspired by the legend of the robin who gained his red breast by being pierced by the crown of thorns as he tended our Saviour on the cross. In this song there are opportunities for solo and chorus singers, as well as a spoken section.

Whether for solo singing, music group or congregational participation, You Can’t Keep A Good Song Down is a collection with something for everyone. Each item present an opportunity for imagination and improvisation. It is a collection to be sung and enjoyed from the heart.

Worship Live, Issue 63

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