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Hayes, Morgan: Lucky’s Speech. Solo Violin


3 minutes

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1st perf: Darragh Morgan, The Picture Gallery, Royal Holloway College, University of London, 15 November 2006

Programme Note
Lucky’s Speech was composed at the request of the violinist Darragh Morgan, for the launch of his recital CD Opera on the NMC label in June 2006. The title refers to a pivotal moment in Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot, when the hitherto silent character Lucky suddenly pours forth a torrential stream of gibberish.

This idea also suggested the cadenza of my Violin Concerto, composed in the same year, and it is reflected in both cases by an almost breathless musical activity punctuated by pizzicato commentaries. I should like to thank Darragh Morgan for his invaluable advice in the preparation of the score.

© Copyright Morgan Hayes


Inspired by the moment in Beckett’s Waiting for Godot when the hitherto silent character Lucky suddenly pours forth the torrential stream of gibberish, this is a two-minute piece for unaccompanied violin, almost in the style of a cadenza. Written in 2006 for the violinist Darragh Morgan, it has plenty to challenge any advanced violinist; quick leaps abound, as do sudden harmonics, arabesques, fourths, sixths, and some near impossible stretches in pizzicato. Is it worth all the hard work? I would have to say yes: while it is intentionally disjointed, this is a very structured and calculated stream of gibberish that has variety and much that sounds brilliantly resonant on the violin.
David Angel, Music Teacher, March 2008

Young people should be encouraged to try contemporary music, not just for competitions, but to develop their ear, challenge their rhythmic sense and extend their geography of the instrument… The brevity of this piece makes it especially attractive, as well as its reasonable price …Highly recommended.
Patricia Noall, ESTA News and Views, Spring 2008

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