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Invitation to Madrigals Book 1


Edited by Thurston Dart
25 madrigals for SAB by Bateson, Byrd, Campion, East, Ford, Hilton, Holborne, Morley, Mundy, Tomkins, Ward, Weelkes, Wilbye and Youll.

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BATESON, Thomas: Beauty is a lovely sweet; Love is the fire; Your shining eyes
BYRD, William: Non nobis Domine; Upon a summer’s day
CAMPIAN, Thomas: Jack and Joan
EAST, Michael: Follow me, sweet love
FORD, Thomas: Now I see thy looks were feigned
HILTON, John: Dear, may some other
HOLBORNE, William: Change, then, for lo, she changeth
MORLEY, Thomas: Do you not know?; O fly not, love; O sleep, fond fancy; Springtime mantleth every bough; Though Philomela lost her love
MUNDY, John: As I went a-walking
TOMKINS, Thomas: How great delight
WARD, John: In health and ease
WEELKES, Thomas: Cease, sorrows, now; Come sirrah Jack ho; Late in my rash accounting; Though my carriage be but careless; Tomorrow is the marriage day
WILBYE, John: Ye restless thoughts
YOULL, Henry: Sweet Phyllis, stay

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