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Elizabethan and Jacobean Song books, Forty Songs from. Book 4. High voice


Edited by Edmund Fellowes

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ATTEY, John: On a time the amorous Silvy (F – G)
CAMPION, Thomas: Fair, if you expect admiring (E – F);
Follow thy fair sun (F – F)
CAVENDISH, Michael: Finetta, fair and feat (F – F)
DOWLAND, John: Fine knacks for ladies (E – F);
I saw my lady weep (G – G)
FORD, Thomas: Come, Phyllis, come into these bow’rs (G sharp – G);
Not full twelve years twice old (C sharp – G sharp)
JONES, Robert: Love’s god is a boy (G – G)
PILKINGTON, Francis: Now peep, Bo peep (E – G)

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