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Jones, Robert: The Muses’ Gardin for Delights. Fifth Booke of Ayres (1610)


Edited Edmund Fellowes


The English School of Lutenist Song Writers. Second Series – Ref. Z15 Supplied spiral-bound – 65 pages

All my sense thy sweetness gained
Although the wings of my desires
As I lay lately in a dream
As I the seely fish deceive
Behold her locks
How many new years
I am so far from pitying thee
I cannot choose but give a smile
Joy in thy hope
Love is a pretty frenzy
Might I redeem mine errors
My father fain would have me take
My love hath her true love betrayed
Once did my thoughts
Soft, Cupid soft!
The fountains smoke
The sea hath many thousand sands
There was a shepherd
There was a wily lad
To thee, deaf asp
Walking by a river side

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