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Jones, Robert: Ultimum Vale. Third Booke of Ayres (1608)


Edited Edmund Fellowes


The English School of Lutenist Song Writers. Second Series – Ref. Z6 Supplied spiral-bound – 67 pages

At her fair hands
Beauty sat bathing by a spring
Blame not my cheeks
Cease, troubled thoughts
Cynthia, queen of the seas and lands
Disdain that so doth fill me
Do not, o do not prize
Fly from the world
Go to bed, sweet muse
Happy he
Now have I learned with much ado
Now let her change
Oft have I mused
Shall I look to ease my grief?
Since first disdain began to rise
Sweet love, my only treasure
Sweet, if you like
There is a garden in her face
Think’st thou, Kate, to put me down?
What if I sped?
When will the fountain of my tears?

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