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Campion, Thomas: Fourth Booke of Ayres (c.1617)


Edited Edmund Fellowes


The English School of Lutenist Song Writers. Second Series – Ref. Z11 Supplied spiral-bound – 55 pages

Are you what your fair looks express?
Beauty is but a painted hell
Beauty, since you so much desire
Dear, if I with guile
Every dame affects good fame
Fain would I wed
Her fair inflaming eyes
I must complain
If any hath the heart to kill
Leave prolonging thy distress
Love me or not
O, Love where are thy shafts
Respect my faith
Since she, even she
So sweet is thy discourse
Think’st thou to seduce me then
Thou joyest, fond boy
Turn all thy thoughts to eyes
Veil, Love, mine eyes
What means this folly?
Young and simple though I am
Your fair looks

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