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Jones, Robert: A Musicall Dreame. Fourth Booke of Ayres (1609)


Edited Edmund Fellowes


The English School of Lutenist Song Writers. Second Series – Ref. Z14 Supplied spiral-bound – 74 pages

And is it night?
Fain would I speak
Farewell, fond youth
Grief of my best love’s absenting
Hark! wot ye what?
How should I show my love?
I know not what
If in this flesh
In Sherwood lived stout Robin Hood
Ite caldi sospiri
My complaining is but feigning
O he is gone
O thread of life
On a time in summer season
Once did I serve a cruel heart
S’amor non e
She hath an eye
Sweet Kate
Though your strangeness
When I sit reading
Will said to his mammy

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