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Ferrabosco II, Alfonso: Manuscript Songs


Edited Ian Spink


The English School of Lutenist Song Writers. Second Series – Ref. Z19 Supplied spiral-bound – 48 pages

A Dialogue: Say, shepherd boy!
All you forsaken lovers come
Eterni Numi
Gentle Knights
Hear me, Oh God!
Heav’n, since thou art the only place of rest
How near to good is what is fair!
Lacrimar sempre il mio sommo diletto
Lo! in a vale there sat a shepherdess
Nay, nay, you must not stay
O crudel’ Amarilla
Oh! what a fault
Senses by unjust force banish’d
Udite lagrimosi Spir’ti d’Averno
Was I to blame?

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