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Carter, Sydney: In the Present Tense, Book 3

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19 songs with piano or guitar accompaniment.

The Crow on the cradle (B – D);
The Devil wore a Crucifix (B – E)
Every star shall sing a carol (C – D);
Here we go up to Bethlehem (D – D)
My mum was a woman (D – C);
Nowhere and never (A – C);
Plato in a paperback (D – C)
Port Mahon (B – D);
Putting out the dustbin (C(B) – D);
Run the film backwards (G – C)
Say Mr Barber (B – D);
Son of Man (C – C);
Travel on (D – D)
Upon a Sunday morning (C – C);
When I needed a neighbour (B – E)
When the sailor came ashore (B – B);
When they shouted Hosanna (B – E)
When were you really living? (C – E flat);
You think with a bomb (B – D)

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