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Dering, Richard: Motets and Anthems

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Edited by Jonathan Wainwright
First published in 2015
Pages: 176
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 19
Weight: 1.209kg

With the completion in this volume of the corpus of Richard Dering’s vocal music available in modern scholarly editions, we are now in a position to acknowledge fully his contribution to seventeenth-century music. The contents include his entire sacred output in English (none of which was published in his lifetime): two verse anthems, two contrafacta, and one sacred song. There are also 18 motets for five voices and continuo. These Cantiones Sacrae, printed in Antwerp in 1617 by the Flemish publisher Pierre Phalèse the younger, are more typical of the impassioned Counter-Reformation motet style of Giovanni Gabrieli, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, and another émigré Catholic composer working in the Low Countries at the time, Peter Philips.

Full contents and other works by Dering…(PDF)


Title Details
Almighty God, which through thy only-begotten son SSCtCtTB org
And the King was moved SATTB
Anima Christi sanctifica me SATTB bc
Ave Maria, gratia plena SATTB bc
Ave verum corpus SATTB bc
Ave virgo gratiosa / gloriosa (Y320) SSATB bc
Contristatus est Rex David SSATB bc
Desidero te millies (Secunda pars of ‘Jesu dulcedo cordium’) SATTB bc
Dixit Agnes gloriosa (Y321) SSATB bc
Indica mihi (Y323) SSATB bc
In lectulo meo (Y322) SSATB bc
Jesu decus angelicum (Y324) SATTB bc
Jesu dulcedo cordium SATTB bc
Jesu dulcis memoria SATTB bc
Jesu summa benignitas SATTB bc
Lord, thou art worthy (Contrafactum of ‘O nomen Jesu’) SATTB org
O bone Jesu SATTB bc
O nomen Jesu (Secunda pars of ‘O bone Jesu’) SATTB bc
Omnem super quem videritis SSA(or T)TB bc
Quae est ista (Y325) SSA(or T)TB bc
Quando cor nostrum visitas SATTB bc
Therefore with Angels and Archangels (Contrafactum of ‘O nomen Jesu’) SATTB org
Unto thee, O Lord SCtCtTB org
Vidi speciosam (Y326) SSATB bc
Vox in Rama audita est SATTB bc
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