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Secular Polyphony 1380-1480


Edited by David Fallows
First published in 2014
Pages: 368
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 31
Weight: 2.043kg

Aiming to complement and complete the repertory of early secular polyphony edited by John Stevens in Musica Britannica volumes IV, XVIII and XXXVI, Secular Polyphony 1380–1480 includes music from MSS copied in England as well as music by apparently English composers in MSS from the continental mainland. It also includes a large number of pieces for whose origin there is no clear proof, but which are presented here in an appropriate musical context on account of their sources, form and style suggesting an English origin. The contents are presented in groups of material comprising MS collections from Cambridge University Library and the Bodleian Library, music by composers including Bedyngham, Dunstaple, Frye, Galfridus de Anglia, Hothby, Morton and Robertus de Anglia, works ascribed to Alanus, music from John Baldwin’s Commonplace Book, English fragments, longer works before 1440, works related to the English repertory 1450–1480, and early arrangements of O Rosa Bella.

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Composer Title

ALAIN [ALANUS, Johannes] Fuiés de moi
ALANUS, Johannes Min frow
ALANUS, Johannes Min herze wil all zit
ALANUS, Johannes S’en vous pour moy
ANONYMOUS Alas departyng
ANONYMOUS All thof I kan [fragment]
ANONYMOUS Auxce bon youre
ANONYMOUS Ave Maria I say
ANONYMOUS [ballade: Trento no.1076]
ANONYMOUS [ballade: Trento no.96]
ANONYMOUS [ballade: Verona 757]
ANONYMOUS Ben so che
ANONYMOUS Benedicamus Domino
ANONYMOUS [carol: Trento no.91]
ANONYMOUS [carol: Trento nos.93-4]
ANONYMOUS [carol]: Wann ich betracht die Vasenacht
ANONYMOUS Credo in Deum that ys
ANONYMOUS Danger me hath
ANONYMOUS Deus deorum
ANONYMOUS Duo on So ys emprentid
ANONYMOUS Felix namque
ANONYMOUS [fragmentary ballade: Florence 107bis]
ANONYMOUS [fragmentary ballade:] … sse
ANONYMOUS [fragmentary ballade:] The sig
ANONYMOUS [fragmentary rondeau:] … now
ANONYMOUS [fragmentary song:] … your
ANONYMOUS Fre lusti fresch [fragment]
ANONYMOUS Glad and blithe
ANONYMOUS Gloria in excelcis Deo
ANONYMOUS Go hert hurt
ANONYMOUS Holde faste
ANONYMOUS I have set my hert
ANONYMOUS I rede that thu
ANONYMOUS J’ay en vos
ANONYMOUS Le grant pleysir
ANONYMOUS Le grant pleysir (Reina version)
ANONYMOUS Lez eux overt
ANONYMOUS Love wil I with variance
ANONYMOUS Love wolle I withoute eny variaunce
ANONYMOUS Me lykyth ever
ANONYMOUS My hert ys so [fragment]
ANONYMOUS My ladi [fragment]
ANONYMOUS Now wolde y fayne
ANONYMOUS O beate Sebastiane
ANONYMOUS O infame desleauté
ANONYMOUS O intemerata
ANONYMOUS O kendly creature
ANONYMOUS O Rosa bella: Alius gimel
ANONYMOUS O Rosa bella: Colombina Discantus quodlibet
ANONYMOUS O Rosa bella: Colombina Tenor quodlibet
ANONYMOUS O Rosa bella: Dijon version
ANONYMOUS O Rosa bella: Escorial duo
ANONYMOUS O Rosa bella: Escorial quodlibet
ANONYMOUS O Rosa bella: Trento no.1075
ANONYMOUS O Rosa bella: Trento no.1083
ANONYMOUS O verre rote [fragment]
ANONYMOUS Pange lingua
ANONYMOUS Pater noster most of myght
ANONYMOUS Patrem (Stuttgart)
ANONYMOUS Patrem (Stuttgart) reconstructed
ANONYMOUS Perce Domine
ANONYMOUS Plus pur l’enoyr
ANONYMOUS Post angelicam allocutionem
ANONYMOUS Pryncesse of youthe
ANONYMOUS [rondeau: Florence 176]
ANONYMOUS Salvator mundi
ANONYMOUS Si quis amat
ANONYMOUS Si quis amat (Barlow version)
ANONYMOUS Tappster Dryngker
ANONYMOUS Thus I complayn
ANONYMOUS Trewe on wam
ANONYMOUS Virga Jesse floruit
ANONYMOUS Voy da plas
ANONYMOUS Wel were hym
ANONYMOUS Welcome be ye when ye goo
ANONYMOUS With ryth al my herte
ANONYMOUS Ye have so longe kepe schepe
BEDYNGHAM, John Fortune alas
BEDYNGHAM, John Gentil madonna
BEDYNGHAM, John Le serviteur
BEDYNGHAM, John Manus Dei
BEDYNGHAM, John Myn hertis lust
BEDYNGHAM, John O Rosa bella
BEDYNGHAM, John (attrib.) O Rosa bella (6vv version)
BEDYNGHAM, John (attrib.) O Rosa bella: Gimel
BEDYNGHAM, John O Rosa bella with Latin text
BEDYNGHAM, John Salva Jesu
BEDYNGHAM, John Se belle
BEDYNGHAM, John Vide Domine
BEDYNGHAM, John or DU FAY, Guillaume Mi verry joy
BEDYNGHAM, John or DU FAY, Guillaume Mon seul plaisir
BEDYNGHAM, John or DUNSTAPLE, John Durer ne puis
BEDYNGHAM, John or FRYE, Walter So ys emprentid
BIQUARDUS (attrib.) Resurexit victor mortis
DE ANGLIA, Galfridus Che farò
DE ANGLIA, Galfridus Io zemo
DE ANGLIA, Robertus El mal foco arda
DE ANGLIA, Robertus O fallaze e ria Fortuna
DU FAY, Guillaume (attrib.) Je languis
DU FAY, Guillaume (attrib.) Je suy si povre
DU FAY, Guillaume (attrib.) Or me veult
DUNSTAPLE, John Puis que m’amour
FRANK Quene note
FRYE, Walter Alas alas
FRYE, Walter Ave regina celorum
FRYE, Walter Watlin Frew
FRYE, Walter or BINCHOIS, Gilles Tout a par moy
HERT O Rosa bella: Hert’s version
HORWOOD, William (attrib.) Xilobalsamus
HOTHBY, John Amor che hai visto
HOTHBY, John Ave sublime
HOTHBY, John Diva panthera
HOTHBY, John Ora pro nobis
HOTHBY, John Tard’ il mio cor
MORTON, Robert Cousine
MORTON, Robert [Il sera pour vous]/L’omme armé (4vv version)
MORTON, Robert Il sera pour vous/L’omme armé
MORTON, Robert Le souvenir
MORTON, Robert Mon bien
MORTON, Robert N’aray je jamais
MORTON, Robert Paracheve
MORTON, Robert Plus j’ay le monde
MORTON, Robert Que pourroit plus
OCKEGHEM, Johannes O Rosa bella: Ockeghem’s duo
TYLING T’Andernaken
TYLING (monogram TL given in manuscript) [textless: Trento no.161]
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