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English Keyboard Music c.1600-1625


Edited by Alan Brown
First published in 2014
Pages: 240
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 26
Weight: 1.707kg

This volume is the first of two intended to extend the coverage of keyboard music in Musica Britannica comprehensively into the first quarter of the 17th century. (The other, MB102, includes material from the two virginal books in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.) The present edition contains music by anonymous and a dozen or so named composers, including the complete keyboard works of Nicholas Carleton, the surviving twenty ‘Miserere’ canons by Thomas Woodson, and the anonymous ‘Pretty ways for young beginners to look on’. The 77 complete pieces are organised by genre, including preludes, plainsong settings, voluntaries, dances and character pieces. Drawing on 22 manuscripts which mostly also transmit music by Byrd and other noted virginalists, this residue of music from these sources shows great diversity and a pleasing level of technical skill and musical interest, sufficient to enhance our wider view of English Renaissance music.

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Composer Title
AMNER, John O Lord, in thee is all my trust
ANONYMOUS [A Short Voluntary] [d]
ANONYMOUS Churchyard’s Galliard [C]
ANONYMOUS Courant cromatique
ANONYMOUS Duretto [g]
ANONYMOUS [Fantasia] [G] [No. 14 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS [Fantasia] [G] [No. 16 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS Fortune my foe
ANONYMOUS Galliard [a] [No. 30b in Volume]
ANONYMOUS [Galliard] [C]
ANONYMOUS Galliard [F] (No. 45 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS [Galliard] [g]
ANONYMOUS Gaudent in caelis
ANONYMOUS Go no more a-rushing
ANONYMOUS [Miserere]
ANONYMOUS Mr Sanders his delight
ANONYMOUS My lady’s left hand
ANONYMOUS Nan’s thing
ANONYMOUS [no title] [fragment]
ANONYMOUS O neighbour Robert
ANONYMOUS Pavan [a] [No. 30a in Volume]
ANONYMOUS [Prelude] [C]
ANONYMOUS Prelude [g]
ANONYMOUS [Thomas Tomkins?] Pretty ways for young beginners to look on
ANONYMOUS [Quadran Galliard]
ANONYMOUS ‘Tille valle monye growe’
ANONYMOUS [Toccata] [a]
ANONYMOUS [Tower Hill]
ANONYMOUS Voluntary 2 parts [a] [No. 22 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS Voluntary 2 parts [a] [No. 24 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS Voluntary 3 parts [a]
ANONYMOUS Voluntary 3 parts [d]
ANONYMOUS Wanton season
ANONYMOUS Whoop, do me no harm, good man
BARTLET, John Pavan: The Earl of Hertford’s Muse
BEVIN, Elway Canon 4 in 2 [F]
BULL, John Pavan [g]
BYRD, William (attrib.) Galliard [a] [No. 29b in Volume]
BYRD, William (attrib.) Pavan [a] [No. 29a in Volume]
CARLETON, Nicholas A verse [In nomine] for two to play
CARLETON, Nicholas A verse of 4 parts [c]
CARLETON, Nicholas [Fantasia] a4
CARLETON, Nicholas (attrib.) Prelude [for two to play]
CARLETON, Nicholas Upon the sharp
CLARKE, Richard Galliard [F] (No. 44 in Volume)
DOWLAND, John, arr. attrib. to Byrd [Galliard] If my complaints
DOWLAND, John, arr. Anon. Pavan: Solus cum sola
DOWLAND, John, arr. Anon. Piper’s Galliard
DOWLAND, John, arr. Anon. Piper’s Pavan
DOWLAND, John, arr. Wilbye The Frog [Galliard]
ELLIS, W. (attrib.) [Canzona] [a]
GIBBONS, Edward Prelude [d]
GIBBONS, Orlando (attrib.) [Fantasia] [G] [No. 15 in Volume]
GIBBONS, Orlando (attrib.) [Upon a plainsong] [G]
HARDING, James, arr. Anon. Ballet [G]
HARDING, James, arr. Anon. Galliard [d] (No. 39 in Volume)
HARDING, James, arr. Anon. Galliard [d] (No. 40 in Volume)
HOLMES, John (or Thomas) [Fantasia] [a]
HOOPER, Edmund Alman [a]
HOOPER, Edmund Alman [D]
JOHNSON, John, arr. Anon. Flat Pavan
JOHNSON, John, arr. Anon. [Pavan: Delight] [fragment]
JOHNSON, Robert, arr. Anon. A masque tune [G]
JOHNSON, Robert, arr. Anon. [Alman: Lady Hatton]
KENNEDY, George Corrant [I] [g]
KENNEDY, George (arr.) Corrant [II] [G]
KENNEDY, George Corrant [III] [D]
MUDD, Thomas (attrib.) A lesson of voluntary of 3 parts
MUDD, Thomas The answer to the former lesson
MUNDY, John The fairy galliard
TOMKINS, John John come kiss me now
TOMKINS, Thomas Alman [F]
TYE, Christopher, arr. Anon. Amavit eum Dominus
WEELKES, Thomas Pavan a5
WEELKES, Thomas Pavan [G]
WEELKES, Thomas (attrib.) Voluntary [I] 4 parts [a]
WEELKES, Thomas Voluntary [II] 4 parts [a]
WOODSON, Leonard Mal Sims
WOODSON, Thomas Twenty ways (canons 2 in 1) on ‘Miserere’
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