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Ravenscroft, Thomas: Rounds, Canons and Songs from Printed Sources


Edited by John Morehen and David Mateer
First published in 2012
Pages: 248
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 28
Weight: 1.74kg

This is the first complete edition of the rounds, canons and songs from Ravenscroft’s four principal publications: Pammelia, Deuteromelia, Melismata and A Briefe Discourse. Thomas Ravenscroft (c.1582–c.1635) was a collector, editor and theorist as well as a composer, whose work was esteemed in his own lifetime and is valued today for its insights into the popular music of the period. Rounds and canons in this collection are all presented in resolved form, and the variety of subjects includes drinking songs, hunting songs and four songs in West Country dialect, as well as Latin-texted material. It is hoped that performers may be inspired to breathe new life into a repertoire that sheds fascinating light on a hitherto neglected area of Elizabethan music-making.

Full contents and other works by Ravenscroft…(PDF)

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Composer Title
Anonymous A bellman’s song (Maids to bed)
Anonymous A Christmas carol (Remember, O thou man)
Anonymous A miller would I be
Anonymous A song of pages, cashiered from their masters (Long have we bin perplexed)
Anonymous A wooing song of a yeoman of Kent’s son (I have house and land in Kent)
Anonymous Adiuva nos Deus
Anonymous All into service let us ring
Anonymous All into service let us ring (Lant version)
Anonymous All into service, the bells toll
Anonymous And seest thou my cow today, Fowler?
Anonymous As I me walked in a May morning
Anonymous As I me walked on a morning fair (Melvill version)
Anonymous As I went by the way, holum trolum
Anonymous As it fell on a holy day
Anonymous Ascendit Christus in coelum
Anonymous Attend, my people, and give ear
Anonymous Banbury Ale
Anonymous Benedic, Domine, nobis his donis tuis
Anonymous Birch and green holly
Anonymous Blow thy horn, thou jolly hunter
Anonymous Brooms for old shoes
Anonymous Browning madam
Anonymous Browning madam (Lant version)
Anonymous By a bank as I lay
Anonymous By hills and dales she rode
Anonymous By merry Landsdale, hey ho (I)
Anonymous By merry Landsdale, hey ho (II) (‘Another way’)
Anonymous Cantate Domino canticum novum
Anonymous Come, drink to me, and I will drink to thee
Anonymous Come, follow me merrily, my mates
Anonymous Conditor Kyrie omnium qui vivunt
Anonymous Dame, lend me a loaf
Anonymous Dame, lend me a loaf (Melvill version)
Anonymous Delicta quis intelligit?
Anonymous Derry ding ding dasson
Anonymous Descendit Christus de coelo
Anonymous Domine Fili Dei vivi miserere nostri
Anonymous Donez à boire
Anonymous Emitte lucem tuam et veritatem
Anonymous Exaudi Domine orationem meam
Anonymous Fa, mi, fa, re, la, mi
Anonymous Farewell, mine own sweet heart
Anonymous Fides est anima vita (I)
Anonymous Fides est anima vita (II)
Anonymous Follow me quickly
Anonymous Give us once a drink
Anonymous Glad am I
Anonymous Go no more to Brainford
Anonymous Go to Joan Glover
Anonymous Haec est vita aeterna
Anonymous He that will an alehouse keep
Anonymous Hey, down a down (I)
Anonymous Hey, down a down (II)
Anonymous Hey, down a down (III)
Anonymous Hey, down a down (IV)
Anonymous Hey ho! nobody at home
Anonymous Hey ho! nobody at home (Lant version)
Anonymous Hey ho! nobody at home (six-part adaptation)
Anonymous Hey ho! nobody at home (three-part adaptation)
Anonymous Hey ho! To the greenwood now let us go
Anonymous Hey ho, what shall I say?
Anonymous Hold thy peace
Anonymous Hold thy peace (Melvill version)
Anonymous How should I sing well, and not be weary
Anonymous I am a-thirst, what should I say?
Anonymous I C U B A K
Anonymous I lay with an old man all the night
Anonymous I pray you, good mother
Anonymous In te Domine speravi
Anonymous Intende voci orationis meae
Anonymous Jack, boy, ho boy, news
Anonymous Jinkin the jester was wont to make glee
Anonymous Joan, come kiss me now
Anonymous Jolly shepherd and upon a hill as he sate
Anonymous Joy in the gates of Jerusalem
Anonymous Keep well your ray, my lads
Anonymous Kit and Tom chid-a
Anonymous Lady, come down and see
Anonymous Laudate nomen Domini (I)
Anonymous Laudate nomen Domini (II)
Anonymous Let Lobcock leave his wife at home
Anonymous Let’s have a peal for John Cook’s soul (I)
Anonymous Let’s have a peal for John Cook’s soul (II)
Anonymous Let’s have a peal for John Cook’s soul (II) (alternative version)
Anonymous Libera me Domine a persequentibus me
Anonymous Lord, hear the poor that cry
Anonymous Love, sweet love
Anonymous Malt’s come down
Anonymous Mane nobiscum Christe
Anonymous Margery, serve well the black sow
Anonymous Martin said to his man
Anonymous Mercury’s song: the messenger of the gods (Haste, haste)
Anonymous Miserere mei Deus
Anonymous Miserere nostri Domine (I)
Anonymous Miserere nostri Domine (II)
Anonymous Musing mine own self all alone
Anonymous My dame has in her hutch at home
Anonymous My mistress will not be content
Anonymous New oysters (I)
Anonymous New oysters (II)
Anonymous Now God be with old Simeon
Anonymous Now kiss the cup, cousin, with courtesy
Anonymous Now, Robin, lend to me thy bow
Anonymous Now thanked be the great god Pan
Anonymous O Lord, in Thee is all my trust
Anonymous O Lord of whom I do depend
Anonymous O Lord, turn not away Thy face
Anonymous O my fearful dreams never forget shall I
Anonymous O my love, lov’st thou me?
Anonymous O praise the Lord, ye that fear him
Anonymous Oaken leaves in the merry wood so wild
Anonymous Of all the birds that ever I see
Anonymous Ora et labora
Anonymous Ora et labora (five-part version)
Anonymous Pietas omnium virtutum
Anonymous Quicquid petieritis
Anonymous Servants out of service are going to the city to look for new [masters] (Hey ho! away)
Anonymous Si non pavisti occidisti
Anonymous Sing after, fellows, as you hear me
Anonymous Sing after, fellows, as you hear me (Lant version)
Anonymous Sing we now merrily
Anonymous Sing we this roundelay merrily, my mate
Anonymous Sing with thy mouth, sing with thy heart
Anonymous Sing you now after me
Anonymous The courtier’s courtship to his mistress (Will ye love me)
Anonymous The courtier’s good morrow to his mistress (Canst thou love)
Anonymous The crier’s song of Cheapside (Oyez, Oyez!)
Anonymous The crowning of Belphoebe (Now flowers)
Anonymous The fly she sat in Shamble Row
Anonymous The great bells of Osney
Anonymous The jolly old dog as he lay in his den-a
Anonymous The lark, linnet and nightingale
Anonymous The maid she went a-milking
Anonymous The marriage of the frog and the mouse (It was the frog)
Anonymous The merry nightingale
Anonymous The old dog as he lay in his den-a (Winchester version)
Anonymous The painters’ song of London (Where are you, fair maids)
Anonymous The pigeon is never woe
Anonymous The scrivener’s servant’s song of Holborn (My master is so wise)
Anonymous The urchins’ dance (By the moon)
Anonymous The white hen she cackles
Anonymous The wind blows out of the west
Anonymous There lies a pudding in the fire
Anonymous There were three ravens sat on a tree
Anonymous Three blind mice
Anonymous Three blind mice (Melvill version)
Anonymous To Portsmouth it is a gallant town
Anonymous Tomorrow the fox will come to town
Anonymous Troll the bowl and drink to me (Winchester version of Hey ho! nobody at home)
Anonymous Troll the bowl to me
Anonymous Universa transeunt
Anonymous Ut, re, mi, fa, mi, re, ut
Anonymous Ut, re, mi, fa, mi, re, ut (four-part version)
Anonymous Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (I)
Anonymous Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (I) (Melvill version)
Anonymous Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (II)
Anonymous Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (III)
Anonymous Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (IV)
Anonymous Verbum Domini manet in aeternum
Anonymous Vias tuas Domine demonstra mihi
Anonymous We be soldiers three
Anonymous We be three poor mariners
Anonymous Well fare the nightingale
Anonymous What hap had I to marry a shrow
Anonymous White wine and sugar is good drink for me
Anonymous Who liveth so merry in all this land
Anonymous Willy, prithee go to bed
Anonymous Yonder comes a courteous knight
Bennet, John A hunt’s up (The hunt is up)
Bennet, John For the hern and duck (Lure, falconers, lure)
Bennet, John The elves’ dance (Round about)
Bennet, John The servant of his mistress (My mistress is as fair)
Bennet, John Their wedlocke (A borgens a borgen)
Bennet, John Three fools (What seekest thou, fool)
Lasso, Orlando di Célébrons sans cesse de Dieu les bontés
L’Estocart, Paschal de A Dieu seul soit honneur et gloire
L’Estocart, Paschal de Saincté escriture te propose
Pearce, Edward A hunting song (Hey trola, trola!)
Pearce, Edward The mistress of her servant (Love for such a cherry lip)
Ravenscroft, Thomas A hawk’s up, for a hunt’s up (Awake, awake)
Ravenscroft, Thomas For the partridge (Sith sickles)
Ravenscroft, Thomas Hodge Trillindle to his zweet hort Malkin (Vurst bart) (Coame, Malkin)
Ravenscroft, Thomas Malkinz answer to Hodge Trillindle (Zecund bart) (Yo tell ma zo)
Ravenscroft, Thomas Their goncluzion (Dhurd bart) (Ich con but zweare)
Ravenscroft, Thomas Of ale (Toss the pot)
Ravenscroft, Thomas Of ale and tobacco (Tobacco fumes)
Ravenscroft, Thomas Of beer (Trudge away quickly)
Ravenscroft, Thomas The fairies’ dance (Dare you haunt)
Ravenscroft, Thomas The satyrs’ dance (Round, around-a)
Ravenscroft, Thomas Their marriage solemnized (Leave off, Hymen)
Various A Briefe Discourse (1614)
Various Deuteromelia (1609)
Various Melismata (1611)
Various Pammelia (1609)
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