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Eighteenth-Century Psalmody

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Edited by Nicholas Temperley and Sally Drage
First published in 2007
Pages: 392
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 36
Weight: 2.2kg

The contents of this volume give a comprehensive account of the great variety of musical forms used in parish church and Nonconformist worship in the 18th century. Each of the 103 pieces has been chosen because the editors believe it to be both rewarding to perform and to listen to. At the same time, they have sought to represent every important development in English psalmody during this period of profound social and artistic change.

Any individual work from this volume is available in printed or digital (PDF) format on request (


Composer First Line Title/Tune Name
ALCOCK, John senior (arr.) Hearken, O Lord, to my request London Old
ALCOCK, John senior (arr.) Offer to God in sacrifice York
ANONYMOUS Behold, the Lord is my salvation (First Version) Anthem
ANONYMOUS Behold, the Lord is my salvation (Second Version) Anthem
ANONYMOUS Christ, being raised from the dead [Easter] Anthem
ANONYMOUS Close thine eyes and sleep secure Evening Hymn
ANONYMOUS Guide me, O thou great Jehovah Hymn
ANONYMOUS I said, I will look to my ways Psalm 39
ANONYMOUS I will regard and think upon Psalm 77
ANONYMOUS Light of those whose dreary dwelling Christmas
ANONYMOUS My soul doth magnify the Lord Magnificat
ANONYMOUS O Britain, trust the Lord A Psalm for the 5th of November
ANONYMOUS O sing ye now unto the Lord Psalm 98
ANONYMOUS O thou to whom all creatures bow Psalm 8
ANONYMOUS O ye immortal throng Christ Seen of Angels: Hymn
ANONYMOUS On all the earth thy spirit shower Virginia
ANONYMOUS Praised be the Lord Anthem
ANONYMOUS Rejoice, the Lord is king Portsmouth
ANONYMOUS Sing we merrily unto God Anthem
ANONYMOUS Soon as the morn salutes your eyes Hymn
ANONYMOUS Thus in thy sacred courts Psalm 22
ANONYMOUS Why doth the man of riches grow Ipplepen
after ARNE, Thomas Augustine Loving saviour, prince of peace Scotland
ARNOLD, Samuel Hark! the herald angels sing Hymn
ASHTON, John To God the only wise Canon 3 in 1
BISHOP, John Blessed are all they that fear the Lord Anthem
BISHOP, John O be joyful in God Anthem
BLOW, John To God I make my prayer Psalm 25
BOND, Capel O Lord our governor [Verse] Anthem
BREILLAT, George Sinner, O why so thoughtless grown? Sheffield
BRODERIP, John Awake up, my glory [Verse] Anthem
BURNEY, Charles Soon will the evening star with silver ray Hymn before Evening Service
BURNEY, Charles Tell us, O women Dialogue Hymn
CALLCOTT, John Wall (?) Grant, we beseech thee Collect
CANTELO, James Lord, hear my cry Psalm 61
CARTER Hear my prayer, O God [Verse] Anthem
CLARKE, Jeremiah He’s come: let every knee be bent Hymn for Whit Sunday
CLARKE, Jeremiah No songs of triumph now be sung Hymn for Good Friday
COLE, William Hear my prayer, O Lord [Verse] Anthem
COLE, William The Lord hear thee in the day of trouble [Verse] Anthem
COOKE, Benjamin May God his favouring ear incline Psalm 67
CROFT, William Like as the hart desires the water-brooks Anthem
CROFT, William O how amiable are thy dwellings Anthem
CROME, Robert And now another day is gone An Evening Song
CROME, Robert My God, who makes the sun to know A Morning Song
DAVENPORT, Uriah O praise God in his holiness Anthem
FLACKTON, William Awake who sleeps, and hark the midnight cry Hymn
FLACKTON, William Father of all! in every age Hymn: The Universal Prayer
FLACKTON, William Thou whom my soul admires Hymn: Seeking the Pastures
GOODWIN, Starling (arr.) Have mercy on us, Lord Southwell
GREATOREX, [?Anthony] This is the day the Lord hath made Birmingham
HARRISON, Ralph after HANDEL, G. F. Let clouds and winds and waves agree Dartmouth
HARWOOD, Edward Vital spark of heavenly flame The Dying Christian to his Soul
HAWEIS, Thomas Jesu, my saviour, in thy face Reading
HAWEIS, Thomas O thou from whom all goodness flows Hymn
HAYDN, Franz Joseph Maker of all! be thou my guard Psalm 41
HAYES, Philip When various griefs my soul surround Psalm 32
HERING, John Frederic With all my powers of heart and tongue Hymn
HILL, John O how pleasant and how fair [Verse] Anthem
HILL, John Ponder my words, O Lord [Verse] Anthem
HOLDROYD, Israel Behold, I bring you glad tidings Anthem
JACKSON, George Knowil Hear my prayer, O Lord Canon [3 in 1]
KEY, Joseph I did in heart rejoice Psalm 122
KEY, Joseph Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace Nunc Dimittis
KEY, Joseph My soul doth magnify the Lord Magnificat
KNAPP, William But, Lord, thy mercy, my sure hope Wareham
KNAPP, William I heard a great voice [Verse] Anthem for Easter Day
KNAPP, William (?) Let all the lands with shouts of joy Corfe Castle
KNAPP, William (?) My life’s a shade Funeral Hymn
KNAPP, William The beauty of Israel is slain [Verse] Anthem for the 30th of January
KNAPP, William (?) The eternal speaks The Counsels of Grace: Carol
LAMPE, John Frederick O love divine, how sweet thou art Hymn: Desiring to Love
LEACH, James Oh the delights, the heavenly joys Failsworth
MADAN, Martin Jesu, lover of my soul Hotham
MARSH, John If any pity dwells on earth Hymn for Charity Children
MILGROVE, Benjamin Glory to God on high Hymn
MILGROVE, Benjamin O’er those gloomy hills of darkness Hymn
MILGROVE, Benjamin The spirits of the just Funeral Hymn
MILLER, Edward after HANDEL, G. F. The Lord, who made both heaven and earth (First Version) Messiah
MILLER, Edward after HANDEL, G. F. The Lord, who made both heaven and earth (Second Version) Messiah
NARES, James Hosanna! Music is divine Psalm 147
PIXELL, John When rising from the bed of death Hymn: A Thought in Sickness
PURCELL, Daniel (arr.) Blessed are they that perfect are Psalm 119
RONER, Andrew Give thanks to God the holy one Psalm 136
RONER, Andrew O Lord, receive my doleful cries Psalm 102
ROSEINGRAVE, [?Thomas] We sing to him whose wisdom formed the ear Hymn on the Nativity of our Blessed Saviour
SENIOR, David O Lord, my rock, to thee I cry Psalm 28
SHEELES, John The spacious firmament on high Psalm 19
SHIELD, William My God, my king, with joyful view Psalm 68
SMITH, Isaac Hark, from the tombs a doleful sound! (First Version) A Funeral Thought
SMITH, Isaac Hark, from the tombs a doleful sound! (Second Version) A Funeral Thought
SMITH, John I will magnify thee, O Lord [Verse] Anthem
SMITH, John Why do the heathen so furiously rage together [Verse] Anthem
SMITH, John Christopher Our light, our saviour is the Lord (First Version) The Foundling’s Hymn
SMITH, John Christopher Our light, our saviour is the Lord (Second Version) The Foundling’s Hymn
STANLEY, John Attune the song to mournful strains Hymn for the Children of the Foundling Hospital
STEPHENSON, Joseph Arise and hail the sacred day Carol
STEPHENSON, Joseph If angels sung a saviour’s birth Hymn for Easter Day
STEPHENSON, Joseph O Zion, that bringest good tidings Anthem
STEPHENSON, Joseph Through all the changing scenes of life Psalm 34
TAYLOR, Richard Behold, the grace appears Bethlehem
TAYLOR, Richard Hosanna to King David’s son Hosannah
TREMAIN, Thomas Do we not know that solemn word Hymn for Easter Sunday
TREMAIN, Thomas O God of hosts, thou mighty Lord Psalm 84
TURNER, William And do we then believe Hymn for Two Voices
WALKER, Thomas Yet a few years, or days Medway
WEBBE, Samuel senior Where, Lord, shall I my refuge see? Psalm 39
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