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Jenkins, John: Fantasia-Suites I


Edited by Andrew Ashbee
First published in 2001
Pages: 192
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 23
Weight: 1.422kg

Ten fantasia-suites, for two treble viols, bass viol and organ, written early in the composer’s career, and fifteen fantasia-air sets, probably late productions, add to the significant corpus of music for viol consort by this outstanding seventeenth-century composer who inherited and expanded the tradition of instrumental fantasias handed down from Coprario and Lawes. Recordings of the fifteen fantasia-air sets, performed by the Locke Consort, are available on the Channel Classics label, CD number CCS SA 17602.

Other works by John Jenkins…(PDF)

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Title Details
Air in E (VdGS Group VII, No. 7b) (No. 19 in Volume)
Air in e (VdGS Group VII, No. 7a) (No. 18 in Volume)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 1 in d (VdGS Group VII, No. 1)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 2 in a (VdGS Group VII, No. 2)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 3 in D (VdGS Group VII, No. 3)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 4 in g (VdGS Group VII, No. 4)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 5 in F (VdGS Group VII, No. 5)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 6 in B flat (VdGS Group VII, No. 6)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 7 in e (VdGS Group VII, No. 7)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 8 in C (VdGS Group VII, No. 8)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 9 in D (VdGS Group VII, No. 9)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 10 in a (VdGS Group VII, No. 10)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 11 in g (VdGS Group VII, No. 11)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 12 in c (VdGS Group VII, No. 12)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 13 in A (VdGS Group VII, No. 13)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 14 in F (VdGS Group VII, No. 14)
Fantasia-Air Set No. 15 in a (VdGS Group VII, No. 15)
Fantasia-Suite No. 1 in F (VdGS Group II, No. 1)
Fantasia-Suite No. 2 in G (VdGS Group II, No. 2)
Fantasia-Suite No. 3 in a (VdGS Group II, No. 3)
Fantasia-Suite No. 4 in B flat (VdGS Group II, No. 4)
Fantasia-Suite No. 5 in C (VdGS Group II, No. 5)
Fantasia-Suite No. 6 in D (VdGS Group II, No. 6)
Fantasia-Suite No. 7 in e (VdGS Group II, No. 7)
Fantasia-Suite No. 8 in g (VdGS Group II, No. 8)
Fantasia-Suite No. 9 in C (VdGS Group II, No. 9)
Fantasia-Suite No. 10 in F (VdGS Group II, No. 10)
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