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Eccles, John: Semele

Ref: MB76 ISBN: 9780852498590 ISMN: 9790220219863 Categories: , , , By:


Edited by Richard Platt
First published in 2000.
Pages: 192
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 23
Weight: 1.437kg

An all-sung English opera that was completed in 1707 but which received its first London production only in 1972, Semele remains one of the great ‘might have beens’ of British music. Had it taken the stage as planned it could well have affected the development of English opera by showing that a native form, in spirit Purcellian and English rather than Italian, was indeed perfectly viable during the 18th century.

The full performing material for this opera is available for rental.

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