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Field, John: Nocturnes and Related Pieces

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Edited by Robin Langley
First published in 1997
Pages: 164
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 15
Weight: 0.918kg

Amongst the most widely-disseminated and influential piano music of the early 19th century, the sixteen Nocturnes of John Field are here published together for the first time, in an edition that through careful consideration of publishers’ plate numbers, Russian first editions and the composer’s habits of revision reveals the number and chronology of the little-known Nocturne No. 10, and its relation to the unnumbered ‘Troubadour’ Nocturne H.55.

Any individual work from this volume is available in printed or digital (PDF) format on request (


Nocturne 1 in E flat, H.24 (ed. Langley)
Nocturne 2 in C minor, H.25
Nocturne 3 in A flat, H.26
Nocturne 4 in A, H.36
Nocturne 5A in B flat, H.37
Nocturne 5B in B flat, H.37
Nocturne 6 in F, H.40
Nocturne 7 in C, H.45
Nocturne 8A in E minor, H.46
Nocturne 8B in E minor, H.46
Nocturne [9] in C, H.55
Nocturne 10A in B flat, H.63
Nocturne 10B in B flat, H.63
Nocturne 11 in E flat, H.56
Nocturne 12 in G, H.58
Nocturne 13 in D minor, H.59
Nocturne 14 in C, H.60
Nocturne 15 in C, H.61
Nocturne 16 in F, H.62
[Nocturne 17A] [Pastorale] in A, H.14
[Nocturne 17B] Pastorale/Romance in A, H.14
[Nocturne 17C] [Pastorale] in A, H.14
[Nocturne 17D] Pastorale in A, H.14
[Nocturne 18] Serenade in E flat, H.31
[Nocturne 19] Romance in E flat, H.30
[Nocturne 20] Sicilienne in G minor, H.28
[Nocturne 21] Pastorale in E, H.54/65
[Nocturne 22] in E flat, H.64
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