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Dowland, John: Ayres for Four Voices

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Edited by David Greer
Published 2000
Pages: 256
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 27
Weight: 1.761kg

This completely new edition of a popular MB volume presents Dowland’s 65 ayres for SATB and lute in original note values, and features the lute part both in tablature and staff notation. The volume includes The First Booke of Songes or Ayres (1597), The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres (1600), The Third and Last Booke of Songs or Aires (1603) and A Pilgrimes Solace (1612).

Individual titles from this volume are available as licensed PDF files…

Full contents and other works by Dowland…(PDF)


Title Instrumentation
All the day the sun that lends me shine SATB
All ye whom love or fortune SATB
A shepherd in a shade SATB
Awake sweet love SATB
Away with these self-loving lads SATB
Burst forth my tears SATB
By a fountain where I lay SATB/SAT (or A) B
Can she excuse SATB
Clear or cloudy SATTB
Come again, sweet love SATB
Come away, come, sweet love SATB
Come, heavy sleep SATB
Come when I call (Dialogue) S Solo STTB
Come ye heavy states of night SATB
Dear, if you change SATB
Disdain me still SATB
Faction that ever dwells SATB
Farewell, unkind, farewell SATB
Fie on this feigning SATB
Fine knacks for ladies SATB
Flow not so fast, ye fountains SATB
Go, crystal tears SATB
His golden locks SATB
Humour, say, what mak’st thou here (Dialogue) SATB
If floods of tears SATB
If my complaints SATB
If that a sinner’s sighs SATB
I must complain SATB
In this trembling shadow cast SATB
It was a time SATB
Lend your ears SATB
Love stood amaz’d SATB
Love, those beams that breed SATB
Me, me and none but me SATB
My heart and tongue were twins SATB
My thoughts are wing’d with hopes SATB
Now cease, my wand’ring eyes SATB
Now, oh now I needs must part SATB
Oh what hath overwrought SATB
O sweet woods SATB
Praise blindness, eyes SATB
Rest awhile, you cruel cares SAT
Say, Love if ever thou didst find SATB
Shall I strive with words to move SATB
Shall I sue? SATB
Shall I sue? D – D
Sir Robert Sidney, his Galliard Lute
Sleep wayward thoughts SATB
Stay, Time, awhile thy flying SATB
Sweet, stay awhile SATB
Tell me, true love SATB
The lowest trees have tops SATB
Think’st thou then by thy feigning SATB
Thou mighty God SATB
To ask for all thy love SATB
Toss not my soul SATB
Unquiet thoughts SATB
Weep you no more, sad fountains SATB
Were every thought an eye SATB
What if I never speed SATB
What poor astronomers are they SATB
When David’s life (Part II of Thou Mighty God) SATB
When Phoebus first SATB
When the poor cripple (Part III of Thou Mighty God) SATB
Where sin sore wounding SATB
White as lilies SATB
Whoever thinks or hopes of love SATB
Wilt thou, unkind, thus reave me SATB
Woeful heart SATB
Would my conceit SATB
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