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Collected English Lutenist Partsongs I

Ref: MB53 ISBN: 9780852496572 ISMN: 9790220204869 Categories: , , ,


Edited by David Greer
First published in 1987
Pages: 264
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 22
Weight: 1.45kg

70 partsongs by Michael Cavendish, Robert Jones, Francis Pilkington and John Bartlet are presented in four-part score with lute tablature and transcription.

Full contents…(PDF)


Composer Title
BARTLET, John A pretty duck there was
BARTLET, John All my wits hath will enwrapped
BARTLET, John Go, wailing verse
BARTLET, John I heard of late
BARTLET, John I would though wert not fair
BARTLET, John If ever hapless woman had a cause
BARTLET, John If there be anyone
BARTLET, John O Lord, thy faithfulness and praise
BARTLET, John Of all the birds that I do know
BARTLET, John The Queen of Paphos, Ericine
BARTLET, John Unto a fly transform’d
BARTLET, John What thing is love?
BARTLET, John When from my love I look’d for love
BARTLET, John Who doth behold my mistress’ face
CAVENDISH, Michael Fair are those eyes
CAVENDISH, Michael Farewell, despair
CAVENDISH, Michael Say, shepherds, say
CAVENDISH, Michael Sly thief, if so you will believe (Parts I and II)
CAVENDISH, Michael Wanton, come hither
CAVENDISH, Michael What thing more cruel (Part II of Sly thief, if so you will believe)
JONES, Robert A woman’s looks are barbed hooks
JONES, Robert Blame not my cheeks
JONES, Robert Can modest plain desire
JONES, Robert Cease, troubled thoughts
JONES, Robert Cynthia, queen of seas and lands
JONES, Robert Farewell, dear love
JONES, Robert Fly from the world
JONES, Robert Fond wanton youths make love a god
JONES, Robert Happy he, who, to sweet home retir’d
JONES, Robert Hero, care not though they pry
JONES, Robert If fathers knew but how to leave
JONES, Robert Led by a strong desire
JONES, Robert Lie down, poor heart
JONES, Robert Life is a poet’s fable
JONES, Robert My mistress sings no other song
JONES, Robert O my poor eyes, that sun whose shine
JONES, Robert Once did I love, and yet I live
JONES, Robert Perplexed sore am I
JONES, Robert She whose matchless beauty staineth
JONES, Robert Sweet, come away, my darling
JONES, Robert Sweet love, mine only treasure
JONES, Robert Sweet Philomel, in groves and deserts
JONES, Robert That heart wherein all sorrows
JONES, Robert There is a garden in her face
JONES, Robert Think’st thou, Kate, to put me down
JONES, Robert What if I seek for love of thee?
JONES, Robert When love on time and measure
JONES, Robert When will the fountain of my tears
JONES, Robert Where ling’ring fear
JONES, Robert Women, what are they?
PILKINGTON, Francis Alas, fair face
PILKINGTON, Francis Ay me, she frowns!
PILKINGTON, Francis Beauty sat bathing by a spring
PILKINGTON, Francis Can she disdain
PILKINGTON, Francis Climb, O heart, climb to thy rest
PILKINGTON, Francis Come, come, all you that draw heav’n’s purest breath
PILKINGTON, Francis Diaphenia, like the daffdowndilly
PILKINGTON, Francis Down, a-down, thus Phyllis sang
PILKINGTON, Francis I sigh, as sure to wear the fruit
PILKINGTON, Francis Look, mistress mine
PILKINGTON, Francis Music, dear solace to my thoughts
PILKINGTON, Francis My choice is made
PILKINGTON, Francis Now let her change and spare not
PILKINGTON, Francis Now peep, bo-peep
PILKINGTON, Francis Rest, sweet nymphs
PILKINGTON, Francis Sound, woeful plaints
PILKINGTON, Francis Thanks, gentle moon
PILKINGTON, Francis Underneath a cypress shade
PILKINGTON, Francis Whither so fast?
PILKINGTON, Francis With fragrant flow’rs we strew the way
PILKINGTON, Francis You that pine in long desire
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