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Tomkins, Thomas: Keyboard Music


Edited by Stephen Tuttle. Third, revised edition prepared by John Irving.
First published in 1955, revised 1964. Third revised edition 2010.
Pages: 208
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 24
Weight: 1.521kg

Musica Britannica’s first single-composer collection gathers together the surviving keyboard oeuvre of this late master of the English Virginal School. Masterly in style, these pieces display a compelling breadth and confidence of technique that recalls the music of William Byrd.

Full contents and other works by Tomkins…(PDF)


A Sad Pavan: for these distracted times: February 14, 1649
A short verse
A short verse for Edward Thornburgh
A substantial verse
A verse of three parts: August 12, 1650
Another short verse
Barafostus’ dream
Bitts or Morcells (fragment)
Clarifica me pater: September 1650
Fancy: for two to play
Fancy: for two viols
Fancy: July 8, 1647
Fancy: November 9, 1646
Fancy: October 24, 1648
Fortune my foe: July 4, 1654
Galliard (? by Gibbons)
Galliard: Earl Strafford (long version)
Galliard: Earl Strafford (short version)
Galliard: October 1, 1650
Galliard of three parts
Galliard: September 7, 1654
Go from my window (fragment)
Ground (No. 39 in volume)
Ground (No. 40 in volume)
In nomine: February 1650 [Version I]
In nomine: February 14, 1650 [Version II]
In nomine: January 20-28, 1647 [Version I]
In nomine: January 20, 1647 – August 2, 1650 [Version II]
In nomine: June 16, 1648
In nomine: June 28, 1652
In nomine: May 1648
In nomine: October 27, 1648
Miserere (No. 17 in volume)
Miserere (No. 18 in volume)
Miserere (No. 19 in volume)
Miserere (No. 20 in volume)
Miserere: February 3-4, 1652
Miserere: May 26, 1651
Miserere: October 7, 1648
Miserere: September 15, 1648
Offertory: 1637
On a plainsong
Pavan: April 1650
Pavan: August 20, 1650
Pavan: Earl Strafford: October 2, 1647 (long version)
Pavan: Earl Strafford: September 29, 1647 (short version)
Pavan: Lord Canterbury: 1647
Pavan of three parts
Pavan: September 4, 1654
Pavan: September 10, 1647
Pavan: September 14, 1647
Piece of a Prelude: July 9, 1647
Prelude (No. 1 in volume)
Prelude (No. 3 in volume)
Prelude (No. 77 in volume)
Robin Hood (Anon: by Morley?)
Short Pavan: July 19, 1654
The hunting galliard
The Lady Folliott’s galliard
The perpetual round: September 7-8, 1654
Toy: made at Poole Court
Toy: Mr. Curch
Ut, mi, re
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (fragment)
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (No. 35 in volume)
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (No. 36 in volume)
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la (No. 37 in volume)
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la: for a beginner
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la: June 30, 1654 (fragment?)
Voluntary (No. 28 in volume)
Voluntary (No. 30 in volume)
Voluntary: August 10, 1647
Voluntary for Mr Archdeacon Thornburgh
What if a day (Campion set by Tomkins)
Worcester brawlss
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