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Elizabethan Consort Music I

Ref: MB44 ISBN: 9780852495209 ISMN: 9790220206108 Categories: ,


Edited by Paul Doe
First published in 1979
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 22
Weight: 1.369kg

With MB45 this volume completes the publication of extant In Nomines and related pieces used for consort performance in the reign of Elizabeth 1 – excluding the music of William Byrd and works by Scottish composers collected in MB15.

Any individual work from this volume is available in printed or digital (PDF) format on request (


Composer Title
ALBERTI, Innocenzio (?) Pavin of Albarti
ANONYMOUS Allemana d’amor
ANONYMOUS Brandeberges
ANONYMOUS Dance (No. 77 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Dance (No. 79 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Dance (No. 82 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Dance (No. 93 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Dance (No. 103 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Galliard, A (No. 112 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Galliard (No. 99 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Galliard (No. 104 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Galliard (No. 105 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Galliard (No. 111 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Gallyard (No. 96 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Gallyard (No. 98 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Gallyard (No. 102 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Gallyard (No. 110 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS La represa (No. 89 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS La represa (No. 91 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Pavana (No. 95 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Pavana (No. 101 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Pavana marquese
ANONYMOUS Pavane (No. 83 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Pavane (No. 84 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Pavane (No. 85 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Pavane (No. 108 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Pavane (No. 109 in Volume)
ANONYMOUS Pavane, for five basses
ANONYMOUS Salvator mundi
ANONYMOUS Seconda desperada
ANONYMOUS Terza desperada
BALDWIN, John A Browning
BREWSTER In nomine
DAMAN, William Di sei soprani
DAMAN, William Ut re mi fa sol la
FERRABOSCO I, Alfonso Di sei bassi
FERRABOSCO I, Alfonso In nomine I
FERRABOSCO I, Alfonso In nomine II
FERRABOSCO I, Alfonso In nomine III
FERRABOSCO I, Alfonso Ut re mi fa sol la
JOHNSON, Robert (?) A knell of Johnson
MALLORY In nomine
MALLORY Miserere
MALLORY Sol re sol mi sol
MUDD, Henry In nomine I
MUDD, Henry In nomine II
MUNDY, (William?) Fantasia
MUNDY, William In nomine I
MUNDY, William In nomine II
MUNDY, (William?) O mater mundi
MUNDY, (William?) Sermone blando
PARSLEY, Osbert In nomine I
PARSLEY, Osbert In nomine II
PARSLEY, Osbert In nomine III
PARSLEY, Osbert Salvator mundi
PARSLEY, Osbert Spes nostra
PARSLEY, Osbert The song upon the dial
PARSONS, Robert A song of Mr Robert Parsons
PARSONS, Robert De la court
PARSONS, Robert In nomine I
PARSONS, Robert In nomine II
PARSONS, Robert In nomine III
PARSONS, Robert (?) In nomine IV
PARSONS, Robert In nomine V
PARSONS, Robert The song called trumpets
PARSONS, Robert Ut re mi fa sol la
PICFORTH In nomine
POYNT In nomine I
POYNT In nomine II
PRESTON, Thomas In nomine
PRESTON, Thomas O lux beata Trinitas
PYTTYNS, Richard (? Ruger
STONINGS, (Henry?) Browning my dear
STONINGS, Henry In nomine I
STONINGS, Henry In nomine II
STONINGS, (Henry?) Miserere
STROGERS, Nicholas In nomine I
STROGERS, Nicholas In nomine II
STROGERS, Nicholas In nomine III
STROGERS, Nicholas In nomine IV
TALLIS, Thomas A solfing song
TALLIS, Thomas In nomine I
TALLIS, Thomas In nomine II
TAVERNER, John In nomine
TAVERNER, John Quemadmodum
THORNE, John (?) In nomine
WHITE, Robert Fantasia I
WHITE, Robert Fantasia II
WHITE, Robert Fantasia III
WHITE, Robert Fantasia IV
WHITE, Robert Fantasia V
WHITE, Robert Fantasia VI
WHITE, Robert In nomine I
WHITE, Robert (?) In nomine II
WHITE, Robert In nomine III
WHITE, Robert In nomine IV
WHITE, Robert In nomine V
WHITE, Robert Mr White his song
WHYTBROKE, William In nomine
WOODCOCK, Clement Browning my dear
WOODCOCK, Clement Hackney
WOODCOCK, Clement In nomine I
WOODCOCK, Clement In nomine II
WOODCOCK, Clement In nomine III
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