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English Songs 1800-1860

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Edited by Geoffrey Bush & Nicholas Temperley
First published in 1979
Pages: 176
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 16
Weight: 0.981kg

A representative survey of the best of English art songs dating from the Georgian and early Victorian period. The anthology contains neglected material by Attwood, Balfe, Barnett, Hatton, Loder, Pierson, Pinto, Samuel and S S Wesley and others.

Any individual work from this volume is available in printed or digital (PDF) format on request (


Composer Title Range
ATTWOOD, Thomas Coronach: He is gone on the mountain Mezzosoprano/Baritone (D-F)
ATTWOOD, Thomas Go, lovely rose Tenor (E-F)
ATTWOOD, Thomas The cold wave my love lies under Soprano/Tenor (D-G)
BALFE, Michael William Come into the garden, Maud Tenor (F sharp-G)
BALFE, Michael William The sands of Dee (Oh! Mary go and call the cattle home) Mezzosoprano/Baritone (D-E)
BARNETT, John I arise from dreams of thee Soprano/Tenor (C-G)
BARNETT, John Ossian’s Glen (In this still place, remote from men) Mezzosoprano/Baritone (C-F)
BENNETT, William Sterndale Gentle zephyr Baritone (F-E flat)
BENNETT, William Sterndale Indian love (Tell me not that thou dost love me) Mezzosoprano (F sharp-E)
BENNETT, William Sterndale The past (Wilt thou forget the happy hours) Mezzosoprano/Baritone (E flat-E flat)
BENNETT, William Sterndale To Chloe in sickness (Long, long is the night) Baritone (F sharp-E)
BISHOP, Henry Rowley By the simplicity of Venus’ doves Soprano/Tenor (E flat-G)
BISHOP, Henry Rowley Come live with me and be my love Soprano/Tenor (D-G)
BISHOP, Henry Rowley Take, O take those lips away Soprano/Tenor (D-F)
CLARKE-WHITFELD, John Here’s the vow she falsely swore Tenor (F sharp-A)
CLARKE-WHITFELD, John One struggle more, and I am free Baritone (C-F)
CLARKE-WHITFELD, John What voice is this? Soprano/Tenor (D sharp-G)
HATTON, John Liptrot The Hag Soprano/Tenor (C sharp-A)
HATTON, John Liptrot To Anthea, who may command him anything (Bid me to love) Baritone (D sharp-E)
LODER, Edward James Dirge: Rough wind that moaneth loud Mezzosoprano/Baritone (D-D)
LODER, Edward James I heard a brooklet gushing Soprano/Tenor (E flat-G)
LODER, Edward James Invocation to the deep (What hid’st thou in thy treasure caves and cells) Soprano/Tenor (D-G)
LODER, Edward James The Lamentations (The beauty of Israel is slain upon high) Mezzosoprano/Baritone (B sharp-F sharp)
LODER, Edward James Wake, my love, all life is stirring Tenor (G flat-B flat)
MACFARREN, George A. Separation Mezzosoprano (C sharp-G flat)
MACFARREN, George A. The widow bird (A widow bird sat mourning for her love) Mezzosoprano/Baritone (F sharp-G)
PIERSON, Henry Hugo All my heart’s thine own Mezzosoprano/Baritone (C-F sharp)
PIERSON, Henry Hugo Fear no more the heat of the sun Alto/Bass (G-D)
PIERSON, Henry Hugo John Anderson, my jo Mezzosoprano (C sharp-F sharp)
PIERSON, Henry Hugo Love and grief (Take, oh take those lips away) Tenor (F-A)
PIERSON, Henry Hugo The White Owl (When cats run home and light is come) Mezzosoprano/Baritone (C-E)
PIERSON, Henry Hugo Those evening bells Soprano/Tenor (E flat-A flat)
PINTO, George Frederick Eloisa to Abelard (Soon as the letters trembling I unclose) Mezzosoprano (D-G)
PINTO, George Frederick From thee, Eliza, I must go Baritone (D-F)
PINTO, George Frederick Invocation to Nature (Nature! sweet mistress of the pensive mind) Mezzosoprano/Baritone (D-F)
WALLACE, William Vincent Cradle Song (Sweet and low) Alto (A-C sharp)
WESLEY, Samuel Might I in thy sight appear Mezzosoprano/Baritone (D-F)
WESLEY, Samuel What shaft of fate’s relentless power Soprano/Tenor (A-A)
WESLEY, Samuel Sebastian By the rivers of Babylon (We sat down and wept by the waters) Mezzosoprano/Baritone (D-F sharp)
WESLEY, Samuel Sebastian Collect for the Third Sunday in Advent (Lord Jesus Christ) Baritone/Bass (G-B flat)
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