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Music for Mixed Consort


Edited by Warwick Edwards
First published in 1977, reprinted with corrections 1985
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 17
Weight: 1.059kg

15 pieces from the Walsingham Consort Book of 1588 and 19 pieces from Matthew Holmes’s Consort Books, c.1575 represent music for mixed consort, a colourful and eclectic genre that played an important role in Elizabethan and Jacobean secular music-making.

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Composer Title
ALLISON, Richard Almain
ALLISON, Richard Lady Frances Sidney’s Almain, The
ALLISON, Richard Lady Frances Sidney’s Goodnight, The
ALLISON, Richard Pavan Dolorosa
ALLISON, Richard Sharp Pavan
ANONYMOUS Duncomb’s Galliard
ANONYMOUS Flat Pavan, The
ANONYMOUS James Harding’s Galliard
ANONYMOUS Nutmegs and Ginger
ANONYMOUS Sprite’s Tune, The
ANONYMOUS Tarleton’s Jig
BACHILER, Daniel Daniel’s Almain
BACHILER, Daniel Daniel’s Trial
BACHILER, Daniel Lady Frances Sidney’s Felicity, The
BACHILER, Daniel Lady Walsingham’s Conceits
BACHILER, Daniel Sir Francis Walsingham’s Goodmorrow
BACHILER, Daniel Sir Francis Walsingham’s Goodnight
BACHILER, Daniel Widow’s Mite, The
BAXTER, John Galliard to the Sacred End
CAMPION, Thomas Masque Music (I): Move now
DOWLAND, John (Lute part only) Fortune my Foe
HOLBORNE, Antony Holborne’s Farewell, set by Anon
HOLBORNE, Antony Reade’s Almain, set by Richard Reade
JOHNSON Delight Pavan
LUPO, Thomas Masque Music (II)
LUPO, Thomas Masque Music (III)
MORLEY, Thomas Now is the month of May
MORLEY, Thomas Sacred End Pavan, The
MORLEY, Thomas Southerne’s Pavan
NICHOLSON, Richard Jew’s Dance, The
READE, Richard Galliard
READE, Richard Pavan
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