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Mediaeval Carols


Edited by John Stevens
First published in 1952, revised 1958 and reprinted 1970, 1976 and revised 2018
Pages: 216
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 27
Weight: 1.555kg

This classic collection of extant musical settings of 15th-century English, macaronic and Latin carol texts was first revised by John Stevens himself, in the light of observations made by Manfred Bukofzer and Richard L. Greene. Its new, third edition, prepared by David Fallows, recognises the completeness and precision of the original volume, but with significant adjustments of the music to reflect greater textual accuracy, and a fuller understanding of the style resulting from six decades of further research.

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Composer Title
ANONYMOUS Abide, I hope it be the best
ANONYMOUS Agincourt Song, The (see Deo gracias Anglia)
ANONYMOUS Ah, man, assay (Man assay)
ANONYMOUS Alleluia: A newë work
ANONYMOUS Alleluia: Diva natalicia (Alleluia, pro virgine Maria) (No. 28 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Alleluia: Diva natalicia (Alleluia, pro virgine Maria) (No. 69 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Alleluia: Now may we mirthës make (No. 105 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Alleluia: Now well may we mirthës make (No. 20 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Alma redemptoris mater (No. 4 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Alma redemptoris mater (No. 23 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Almighty Jesu
ANONYMOUS Anglia, tibi turbidas
ANONYMOUS An heavenly song
ANONYMOUS As I lay upon a night
ANONYMOUS Ave domina
ANONYMOUS Ave, plena gracia
ANONYMOUS Ave rex angelorum
ANONYMOUS Be merry, be merry
ANONYMOUS … be Quod (fragment)
ANONYMOUS Benedicite Deo
ANONYMOUS best rede, The
ANONYMOUS best song, The
ANONYMOUS Clangat tuba
ANONYMOUS Comedentes convenite
ANONYMOUS Cum virtus magnifica
ANONYMOUS David ex progenie
ANONYMOUS Deo gracias, Anglia (The Agincourt Song)
ANONYMOUS Deo gracias persolvamus
ANONYMOUS Do well and dread no man
ANONYMOUS Ecce, quod natura
ANONYMOUS Enforce we us
ANONYMOUS Exultavit cor
ANONYMOUS Eya, martyr Stephane
ANONYMOUS Farewell lo- (fragment)
ANONYMOUS For all Christen soulës
ANONYMOUS Gaudeamus partier
ANONYMOUS Goday, my lord
ANONYMOUS Hail, Goddës Son
ANONYMOUS Hail, Mary, full of grace
ANONYMOUS holy martyr Stephen, The
ANONYMOUS I have loved
ANONYMOUS Illuminare Jerusalem
ANONYMOUS Illuxit Leticia
ANONYMOUS In every state, in every degree
ANONYMOUS I pray you all (No. 65 in volume)
ANONYMOUS I pray you all (No. 100 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Ivy is good
ANONYMOUS Jesu, fili virginis
ANONYMOUS Jesu, for thy mercy
ANONYMOUS Johannes assecretis
ANONYMOUS Johannes, Jesu care
ANONYMOUS Lauda Salvatorem (incomplete)
ANONYMOUS Laus, honor, virtus, Gloria
ANONYMOUS Left [up owr] hertis (fragment)
ANONYMOUS Letare, Cantuaria
ANONYMOUS Lullay, lullay: As I lay
ANONYMOUS Lullay lullow: I saw
ANONYMOUS Lullay, my child
ANONYMOUS Make us merry
ANONYMOUS Make we joy
ANONYMOUS Man, assay (No. 17A in volume)
ANONYMOUS Man, assay (No. 110 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Marvel not, Joseph
ANONYMOUS Mirth of all this londë, The
ANONYMOUS Nascitur [de] Patre proles (fragment)
ANONYMOUS Nova, nova
ANONYMOUS Novo profusi gaudio
ANONYMOUS Novus sol de virgine
ANONYMOUS Nowell, nowell: In Bethlem
ANONYMOUS Nowell, nowell: Out of your sleep (No. 25 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Nowell, nowell: Out of your sleep (No. 14A in volume)
ANONYMOUS Nowell, nowell: Tidings true
ANONYMOUS Nowell sing we (No. 7 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Nowell sing we (No. 16 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Now makë we joy (No. 97 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Now make we mirthë
ANONYMOUS Now may we singen
ANONYMOUS O blessed Lord
ANONYMOUS Of a rose singë we
ANONYMOUS … of Mary de-
ANONYMOUS Of thy mercy
ANONYMOUS Of all the enemies
ANONYMOUS Omnes una gaudeamus
ANONYMOUS Omnis caterva fidelium
ANONYMOUS O radix Jesse
ANONYMOUS Parit virgo filium
ANONYMOUS Pray for us that we saved be
ANONYMOUS Pray for us the Prince of peace (No. 13 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Pray for us, thou prince of peace (No. 106 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Pray for us, thou prince of peace (No. 115 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Princeps pacis
ANONYMOUS Princeps serenissime
ANONYMOUS Proface, welcome
ANONYMOUS Psallite gaudentes
ANONYMOUS Qui natus est de virgine
ANONYMOUS Regi canamus glorie
ANONYMOUS Saint Thomas honour we
ANONYMOUS Salve, sancta parens (No. 6A in volume)
ANONYMOU Salva, sancta parens (No. 84 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Sing we now
ANONYMOUS Sing we to this merry company (No. 21 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Sing we to this merry company (No. 76 in volume)
ANONYMOUS Sol occasum nesciens
ANONYMOUS Sonet laus
ANONYMOUS Spes mea in Deo est
ANONYMOUS That holy [martyr Steven] (fragment)
ANONYMOUS There is no rose
ANONYMOUS Think we on our ending
ANONYMOUS Though I sing: ‘le bon l. don’
ANONYMOUS Tibi laus, tibi gloria
ANONYMOUS Tidingës true
ANONYMOUS Title unknown (No. 74 in volume)
ANONYMOUS To many a well
ANONYMOUS Veni, Redemptor gencium
ANONYMOUS Verbum caro factum est
ANONYMOUS Verbum Patris
ANONYMOUS What tidings bringest thou?
ANONYMOUS Worship we this holy day
CHILDE Y-blessed be that Lord
SMERT, Richard Ave, decus seculi
SMERT, Richard Blessed mote thou be
SMERT, Richard Have mercy of me
SMERT, Richard (with TROULUFFE, John) Jesus autem hodie
SMERT, Richard (with TROULUFFE, John) Jesu, fili Dei
SMERT, Richard Jesu, fili virginis
SMERT, Richard Man, be joyful
SMERT, Richard Nascitur ex virgine
SMERT, Richard Nowell, nowell: Dieu vous garde
SMERT, Richard Nowell, nowell: The boarës head
SMERT, Richard (with TROULUFFE, John) O clavis David
SMERT, Richard (with TROULUFFE, John) Soli Deo sit
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