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Early Tudor Songs and Carols

Ref: MB36 ISBN: 9780852494004 ISMN: 9790220205934 Categories: , , , ,


Edited by John Stevens
First published in 1975
Pages: 197
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 20
Weight: 1.141kg

Previously unpublished secular songs from the Ritson Manuscript and the Fayrfax Manuscript form the substance of this volume, which complements MB18 to offer a fairly comprehensive picture of English vernacular polyphony in the century before the Reformation.

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Composer Title
ANONYMOUS Absence of you
ANONYMOUS Afraid, alas, and why so suddenly?
ANONYMOUS Ah, my dear, ah, my dear son
ANONYMOUS Ah, my heart, I know you well
ANONYMOUS Alone, alone: As I me walked
ANONYMOUS Alone, alone: here I am myself
ANONYMOUS Alone, alone, mourning alone
ANONYMOUS Be it known to all that bin here
ANONYMOUS Be peace! Ye make me spill my ale!
ANONYMOUS Come over the burn, Bessy
ANONYMOUS Complain I may
ANONYMOUS Deemed wrongfully in absent
ANONYMOUS Fair and discreet
ANONYMOUS Hey ho, the mavis on a brere
ANONYMOUS High desire, The
ANONYMOUS How shall I please?
ANONYMOUS I have been a foster
ANONYMOUS In a slumber late as I was
ANONYMOUS In wilderness there found I Bess
ANONYMOUS … I pray daily their pains
ANONYMOUS Love fain would I
ANONYMOUS Madame, defrain!
ANONYMOUS My heart is in great mourning
ANONYMOUS My woeful heart
ANONYMOUS Now help, fortune
ANONYMOUS O blessed Lord, how may this be?
ANONYMOUS Small pathes to the greenwood
ANONYMOUS So put in fear I dare not speak
ANONYMOUS That was my joy is now my woe
ANONYMOUS This day day daws
ANONYMOUS Thou man, envired with temptation
ANONYMOUS Up I arose in verno tempore
ANONYMOUS Votre trey dowce regaunt (tenor from Binchois)
ANONYMOUS Who shall have my fair lady?
BANISTER, Gilbert My fearful dream
BROWNE, John Jesu, mercy, how may this be?
BROWNE, John Margaret meek
BROWNE, John Woefully arrayed
CORNISH, William Woefully arrayed
CORNISH, William (Jnr) Ay, besherew you!
CORNISH, William (Jnr) Hoyda, hoyda, jolly rutterkin
DAVY, Richard Ah, blessed Jesu, how fortuned this?
DAVY, Richard Ah, mine heart, remember thee well
DAVY, Richard Joan is sick and ill at ease
DAVY, Richard Now the law is led
FAYRFAX, Robert Alas, for lack of her presence
FAYRFAX, Robert (attrib.) Benedicite! What dreamed I?
FAYRFAX, Robert I love, loved, and loved would I be
FAYRFAX, Robert Most clear of colour
FAYRFAX, Robert Somewhat musing
FAYRFAX, Robert That was my woe is now my most
FAYRFAX, Robert (attrib.) To complain me, alas
HAMSHERE, Richard Let search your mindes eye
HENRY VIII (attrib.) Pastime with good company
NEWARK, William But why am I so abused?
NEWARK, William O my desire, what aileth thee?
NEWARK, William So far I trow from remedy
NEWARK, William The farther I go, the more behind
NEWARK, William Thus musing in my mind
NEWARK, William What causeth me woeful thoughtes
NEWARK, William Your counterfeiting
PHILIPPS, Thomas I love, I love, and whom love ye?
SHERYNGHAM Ah, gentle Jesu
SHERYNGHAM My woeful heart in painful weariness
TURGES, Edmund Alas, it is I
TURGES, Edmund Enforce yourself as Goddes knight
TURGES, Edmund From stormy windes
TURGES, Edmund I am he that hath you daily served
TUTOR, John (TUDER) O root of truth, O princess
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