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Farnaby, Giles & Richard: Keyboard Music


Edited by Richard Marlow
First published in 1965, revised 1974
Pages: 170
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 16
Weight: 0.992kg

This is music by an elusive figure, whose amateur status in no way impaired the creation of a picturesque keyboard style which experts have compared with that of certain Romantic masters. Four pieces by Richard Farnaby, son of Giles, are also included.

Any individual work from this volume is available in printed or digital (PDF) format on request (


[Alman] for Two Virginals
Alman (Robert Johnson, set by Farnaby)
Bonny sweet Robin
Coranto (attributed)
Duo (Richard Farnaby)
Fain would I wed (Richard Farnaby)
Fantasia (No. 3 in volume)
Fantasia (No. 4 in volume)
Fantasia (No. 5 in volume)
Fantasia (No. 6 in volume)
Fantasia (No. 7 in volume)
Fantasia (No. 8 in volume)
Fantasia (No. 9 in volume)
Fantasia (No. 10 in volume)
Fantasia (No. 11 in volume)
Fantasia (No. 12 in volume)
Fantasia (No. 13 in volume)
Farmer’s Pavan
Farnaby’s Conceit
Giles Farnaby’s Dream
Hanskin (Richard Farnaby)
His Humour
His Rest
Lachrymae Pavan (John Dowland, set by Farnaby)
Loath to depart
Mal Sims
Mask (John Coperario, set by Farnaby)
Mask (No. 31 in volume)
Mask (No. 32 in volume)
Meridian Alman (set by Farnaby)
Muscadin or Kempe’s Morris
Nobody’s Jigg or Fleet Street * (Richard Farnaby)
Paul’s Wharf
Pavan (by Byrd? or Morley? set by Farnaby)
Pavan (Robert Johnson, set by Farnaby)
Put up thy dagger Jemy
Quodling’s Delight
Rosseter’s Galliard (Rosseter, set by Farnaby)
Tell me Daphne
The Flat Pavan (John Johnson, set by Farnaby)
The King’s Hunt
The Lord Zouche’s Mask
The New Sa-hoo
The Old Spagnoletta
Tower Hill
Up tails all
Walter Earle’s Pavan
Why ask you?
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