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Consort Songs


Edited by Philip Brett
First published in 1967, revised 1974
Pages: 216
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 22
Weight: 1.26kg

The ‘Cinderella’ of Elizabethan and Jacobean secular music, consort songs for voice and viols survived both the popularity of the imported madrigal and the fashion for the lute air. An indigenous corpus of music, they subsequently influenced the development of the verse anthem.

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Composer Title
ANONYMOUS Ah, silly poor Joas
ANONYMOUS Alas, alack my heart is woe
ANONYMOUS Born is the Babe
ANONYMOUS Come, Charon, come
ANONYMOUS Come, Holy Ghost
ANONYMOUS Come tread the paths (Guichardo)
ANONYMOUS Complain with tears
ANONYMOUS Cry of London, The
ANONYMOUS Dark is my delight, The
ANONYMOUS Farewell the bliss
ANONYMOUS Hold, lingel, hold
ANONYMOUS How can the tree
ANONYMOUS In paradise
ANONYMOUS In terrors trapp’d
ANONYMOUS Mistrust misdeems amiss
ANONYMOUS My heart doth pant for sorrow
ANONYMOUS My little sweet darling
ANONYMOUS My mind to me
ANONYMOUS O Death, rock me asleep
ANONYMOUS Of all jolly pastimes
ANONYMOUS O Lord of whom I do depend
ANONYMOUS O Lord, turn not away thy face
ANONYMOUS Saint I serve, The
ANONYMOUS Sweet was the song the Virgin sung
ANONYMOUS This merry pleasant Spring
ANONYMOUS What first did break thee
ANONYMOUS What meat eats the Spaniard?
ANONYMOUS When Daphne from fair Phoebus did fly
ANONYMOUS When May is in his prime
ANONYMOUS Without redress
BENNET, John Eliza, her name gives honour
BENNET, John Venus’ birds
COBBOLD, William Amids my bale
COBBOLD, William For death of her
COBBOLD, William Haughty hearts, The
COBBOLD, William New fashions
COBBOLD, William Ye mortal wights
COSYN, John Except the Lord the house do make
COSYN, John Lord, to thee I make my moan
COSYN, John Now Israel may say
COSYN, John Yield unto God
DERING, Richard City cries, The
DERING, Richard Country cries, The
DOWLAND, John Sorrow, come
FARRANT, Richard Ah, alas, you salt sea gods (Abrodad)
FARRANT, Richard O Jove, from stately throne
GIBBONS, Orlando Cries of London, The
GILES, Nathaniel Cease now, vain thoughts
JOHNSON, Edward Come again
JOHNSON, Edward Eliza is the fairest queen
MANDO, Patrick Like as the day
MUNDY, William Fie, fie, my fate
NICHOLSON, Richard Cuckoo
NICHOLSON, Richard I am not, I, of such belief
NICHOLSON, Richard In a merry May morn
NICHOLSON, Richard Joan, quoth John
NICHOLSON, Richard No more, good herdsman, of thy song
NICHOLSON, Richard Sweet, they say such winter lies in your lips
PARSONS, Robert Enforc’d by love and fear
PARSONS, Robert No grief is like to mine
PARSONS, Robert Pour down, you pow’rs divine
PATTRICK, Nathaniel Climb not too high
PATTRICK, Nathaniel Prepare to die
PATTRICK, Nathaniel Send forth thy sighs
STROGERS, Nicholas A doleful deadly pang
STROGERS, Nicholas Mistrust not truth
STROGERS, Nicholas O heav’nly God
TOMKINS, John O thrice-blessed earthbed
WEELKES, Thomas Cries of London, The
WIGTHORPE, William I am not I of such belief
WIGTHORPE, William Smiths are good fellows
WIGTHORPE, William Were I made juror
WILBYE, John Ne reminiscaris
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