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Bull, John: Keyboard Music II


Transcribed and edited by Thurston Dart. Third edition, revised by Alan Brown.
First published in 1963, revised 1970 and reprinted with corrections 1992. Third, revised edition 2016.
Pages: 280
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 30
Weight: 1.9kg

Now in its third edition, the second of two volumes in a landmark collection of John Bull’s complete keyboard music contains dances, preludes and variation sets. Still essential reading in the canon of Bull scholarship, Thurston Dart’s Introduction to the first edition of 1963 is retained. Alan Brown’s new Note complements Dart’s insights with a detailed explanation of revisions to the volume made in the light of the latest research. The List of Sources and Textual Commentary have been thoroughly revised, the latter including some extra variant readings that players may wish to consider. A new, second Appendix gives incipits of selected pieces or arrangements, anonymous in the sources, which have been proposed over the years as possibly Bull’s work.

Two collections of pieces from this volume are available separately in our Early Keyboard series (refs. K8 and K36). In addition, any individual work from MB19 is available in printed or digital (PDF) format on request (


A Battle, and no Battle (Phrygian Music: for two players)
Alman (in the seventh tone) (No. 114 in volume)
Alman (in the seventh tone) (No. 115 in volume)
Alman (in the eighth tone)
Alman Fantazia (Meridian Alman) (by Farnaby?)
Battle Galliard (by Richardson?)
Battle Pavan (by Richardson?)
Bonney Peg of Ramsey
Bonney Sweet Robin (by Farnaby?)
Bull’s Goodnight
Chromatic Galliard
Chromatic (Queen Elizabeth’s) Pavan
Coranto: Alarm
Coranto: A Round
Coranto: Battle
Coranto: Brigante
Coranto: Joyeuse
Coranto: Kingston
Country Dance
Dallying Alman (Lydian Music)
Dr. Bull’s Ground (I)
Dr. Bull’s Ground (II)
Duchess of Brunswick’s Toy (Most sweet and fair)
Duke of Brunswick’s Alman
Dutch Dance
English Toy
Fantastic Galliard
Fantastic Pavan
French Alman
French Coranto
Galliard (Charlotte de la Haye?)
Galliard (in the eighth tone) (No. 130B in volume)
Galliard (in the eighth tone) (No. 131B in volume)
Galliard (in the fifth tone)
Galliard (in the first tone) (No. 66B in volume)
Galliard (in the first tone) (No. 70 in volume) (John Johnson, set by Bull)
Galliard (in the first tone) (No. 71 in volume)
Galliard (in the second tone)
Galliard (in the third tone)
Galliard ‘St. Thomas, Wake!’ (I)
Galliard ‘St. Thomas, Wake!’ (II)
Galliard ‘Symphony’
Germain’s Alman
Go from my window
Ionic Alman (Phrygian Music)
Irish Toy
Italian Galliard
King’s Hunt
Lady Lucy’s Galliard
Les Buffons
Lord Hunsdon’s Galliard
Lord Lumley’s Galliard
Lord Lumley’s Pavan
Melancholy Galliard
Melancholy Pavan
My choice
My grief
My Jewel (I: four versions)
My Jewel (II: 1621)
My Self
New Bergomask
Pavan (incomplete)
Pavan (in the eighth tone) (No. 130A in volume)
Pavan (in the eighth tone) (No. 131A in volume)
Pavan (in the first tone)
Pavan (in the second tone)
Pavan (in the third tone)
Pavan ‘St. Thomas, Wake!’
Pavan ‘Symphony’
Piper’s Galliard (I) (Dowland, set by Bull)
Piper’s Galliard (II) (Dowland, set by Bull)
Prelude (in the eighth tone) (No. 117 in volume)
Prelude (in the eighth tone) (No. 118 in volume)
Prelude (in the eighth tone) (No. 119 in volume)
Prelude (in the eighth tone) (No. 120 in volume)
Prelude (in the eighth tone) (No. 121 in volume)
Prelude (in the third tone) (No. 82 in volume)
Prelude (in the third tone) (No. 83 in volume)
Prelude (in the third tone) (No. 84 in volume)
Prince’s Coranto
Prince’s Galliard
Quadran Galliard (No. 127D in volume)
Quadran Galliard (continued) (No. 127E in volume)
Quadran Galliard (continued) (No. 127F in volume)
Quadran Pavan (I) (No. 127A in volume)
Quadran Pavan (II) (No. 127B in volume)
Quadran Pavan (II, continued) (No. 127C in volume)
Regina Galliard (I)
Regina Galliard (II)
Regina Galliard (II, continued)
Rosasolis (by Farnaby?)
Spanish Pavan
Trumpet Galliard
Trumpet Pavan
Vaulting (Thumping, Dancing) Galliard
Welsh Dance
What care you?
Why ask you? (I)
Why ask you? (II)
Why ask you? (III)
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