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Music of Scotland 1500-1700


Edited by Kenneth Elliott
First published in 1957, revised 1964, 1975
Pages: 248
Format: Paperback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 25
Weight: 1.413kg

Containing a wide-ranging anthology of Latin church music, music of the reformed church, songs and instrumental music – music of court, cathedral and castle, kirk, burgh and countryside. This has remained one of the most popular Musica Britannica volumes amongst both scholars and performers.

Full contents…(PDF)

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Composer Title Details
ANGUS, John All my belief (The twelve articles of the Christian faith) SATB
ANGUS, John Our Father, whiche in heaven art (The Lord’s Prayer) ATTB
ANONYMOUS Alas that same sueit face STB
ANONYMOUS All sons of Adam (The Christmas medley) A (or T) TB
ANONYMOUS Ane Exempill of Tripla à 4 Consort
ANONYMOUS Ane Ground à 3 Consort
ANONYMOUS Balulalow (Ane sang of the Birth of Christ) & Lady Bothwell’s Lament Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS Before the Greeks durst enterpryse SATB
ANONYMOUS Begone sweit night Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS Care away go thou from me Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS Come love let’s walk Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS Come my children dere Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS Departe, departe (The Lament of the Maister of Erskyn) SATB
ANONYMOUS Descendi in hortum meum (from The Song of Solomon) SATB
ANONYMOUS Doune in yone gardeine (Christ in Gethsemane) Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS Evin dead behold I breathe SATB
ANONYMOUS Flaming fire, The SATB
ANONYMOUS Galliard à 4 Consort
ANONYMOUS Gowans are gay, The Unison
ANONYMOUS How suld my febill body fure? SATB
ANONYMOUS In a garden so green Unison
ANONYMOUS In throu the windows of myn ees SATB
ANONYMOUS Joy to the person of my love Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS Lord in thy wrath (Psalm 6 in reports) SATB
ANONYMOUS Lyk as the dum Solsequim SATB
ANONYMOUS Man is blest, The (Psalm 1) (No. 16 in volume) SATB
ANONYMOUS Man is blest, The (Psalm 1) (No. 17 in volume) SATB
ANONYMOUS Mass (No. 1 in volume) 3-part
ANONYMOUS Mass: Felix namque SAATBB
ANONYMOUS Mass: Rex Virginum 4-part
ANONYMOUS My bailful briest SATB
ANONYMOUS My heartly service (The Plough Song) TT & Instrument
ANONYMOUS Now Israel may say (Psalm 24) SATB
ANONYMOUS Now let us sing (Early Scottish) SATB
ANONYMOUS No wonder is suppose SATB
ANONYMOUS O God my strength and fortitude (Psalm 18) SATB
ANONYMOUS O lusty May (Early Scottish) SATB
ANONYMOUS O mortal Man (Early Scottish) SATB
ANONYMOUS One yeir begins (Lady Lothian’s Lilt) Unison
ANONYMOUS Paven à 4 Consort
ANONYMOUS Prince Edward’s Paven à 4 Consort
ANONYMOUS Queine of Ingland’s Paven à 4 Consort
ANONYMOUS Remember me my deir SATB
ANONYMOUS Richt soir opprest SATB
ANONYMOUS Since that my siches Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS Support your servand SATB
ANONYMOUS Then wilt thou goe Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS The thoughts of men Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS Walking, I chanc’d into a shade Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS What mightie motion SATB
ANONYMOUS Whenas the Greeks SATB
ANONYMOUS When chill cold age Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS Where art thou, hope Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS Woe worth the tyme Voice and ATB Viols
ANONYMOUS Ye children who do serve the Lord (Psalm 113) SATB
ANONYMOUS Yee Gods of love Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
ANONYMOUS You lovers all SATB
BECK Hollow my fancie Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
BECK O’re hills, o’re mountains (Fancy free) Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
BLACK, John (attrib.) Ane lessone upon the First Psalme à 4 Consort
BLACK, John (attrib.) Ane lessone upon the Secund Psalme à 4 Consort
BLACK, John Lytill Blak à 3 Consort
BLACKHALL, Andro Adeu, O desie of delyt SATB
BLACKHALL, Andro Blessed art thou (Psalm 128) SATTB
BLACKHALL, Andro Declair ye banks of Helicon SATB
BLACKHALL, Andro Judge and revenge my cause (Psalm 43) SATTB
BLACKHALL, Andro (attrib.) O God my strength and fortitude (Psalm 18 in reports) SATTB
CADEAC, Pierre Our father God celestial (The Lord’s Prayer) Voice and TrTB Viols
CARVER, Robert Mass l’homme arme SATB
CARVER, Robert O bone Jesu 19-part
FETHY, John O God abufe ATTB
FETHY, John (attrib.) Time of youth, The SATB
HEAGY, Francy (see PEEBLES)
JOHNSON, Robert Come palefaced death Voice and TrTB Viols
JOHNSON, Robert Defiled is my name SATB
JOHNSON, Robert Deus misereatur nostri (Psalm 67) SATB
JOHNSON, Robert In Nomine à 5 Consort
KEMP, Andro Now Israel may say (Psalm 124) SATB
KEMP, Andro Te Deum (We praise thee, O God) SATB
KEMP, Andro Ye children which do serve the Lord (Psalm 113) SATB
LAUDER, James My Lord of Marche Paven à 4 Consort
MELVILL, Andro (attrib.) Let not, I say, the sluggish sleep Voice and Lute/Harpsichord
PEEBLES, David Man is blest, The (Psalm 1) SATB
PEEBLES, David Now Israel may say (Psalm 124) SATB
PEEBLES, David O God, my strength and fortitude (Psalm 18) SATB
PEEBLES, David Quam multi Domine (Psalm 3) SATB
PEEBLES, David (with HEAGY) Si quis diligit me SA(A)TB
PEEBLES, David Ye children which do serve the Lord (Psalm 113) SATB
WILSON (attrib.) Wilson’s Fantasie à 4 Consort
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