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Bull, John: Keyboard Music I


Edited by John Steele & Francis Cameron and revised Alan Brown
First published in 1960, revised 1967, 2001 and 2023
Pages: 224
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 24
Weight: 1.6kg

In his lifetime Bull’s skills as a composer and performer – as organist at Hereford, then in the Chapel Royal, and lastly at Antwerp – were acknowledged throughout Europe. He stands alongside William Byrd as one of the greatest of English keyboard composers, a stature affirmed by the two Musica Britannica volumes of his complete oeuvre. The first of them includes among its contents all his known organ music. In general, the fantasias, In Nomines and plainsong settings, carols, ostinati, preludes and keyboard canons found here represent the more austere, intellectual aspect of his genius, though the ‘immense finger-skill’, as Thurston Dart described it, is common both to the music of this volume and the more relaxed, fanciful dances and variations in the companion volume MB19. For the third, 2001 edition of MB14, the musical texts were checked against the sources, amendments were made to the majority of pieces, and the textual commentary was thoroughly revised. There are further, minor corrections to the music in the fourth edition, and a new, third appendix of three ricercares, anonymous in source but now recognised as student works by Bull. 

Full contents and other works by Bull…(PDF)


Alleluia: Per te (I) (by Tallis?)
Alleluia: Post Partum (II: canon 2 in 1) (by Tallis?)
Canon 2 in 1, with a running bass (by Tallis?)
Canon 4 in 2
Carol ‘Den Lustelijcken Meij’ (1622) (Clemens Non Papa, set by Bull)
Carol ‘Een Kindeken is ons geboren’ (I)
Carol ‘Een Kindeken is ons geboren’ (II)
Carol ‘Een Kindeken is ons geboren’ (III in D)
Christe Redemptor omnium
Dorick: 4 parts (for consort)
Dorick Music: 3 parts
Dorick Music: 4 parts
Dorick Prelude (I) (by Cosyn?)
Dorick Prelude (II)
Dorick Prelude (III)
Fantasia (attributed to Orlando Gibbons)
Fantasia (by Cosyn?)
Fantasia (Chromatic)
Fantasia (Duo) (No. 10 in volume)
Fantasia (Duo) (No. 11 in volume)
Fantasia in the Eighth Mode on ‘Re, re, re, sol, ut, mi, fa, sol’ (by Sweelinck?)
Fantasia in the Fifth Mode
Fantasia in the Sixth Mode (by Cornet?)
Fantasia in the Sixth Mode on ‘A Leona’
Fantasia on a theme by Sweelinck (1621)
Fantasia on a theme from ‘La Guamina’
Fantasia on ‘Vestiva i colli’ (I)
Fantasia on ‘Vestiva i colli’ (II)
Fantasia (Prelude?)
God save the King
In Nomine (I)
In Nomine (II)
In Nomine (III)
In Nomine (IV)
In Nomine (V)
In Nomine (VI)
In Nomine (VII)
In Nomine (VIII) (by Tomkins?)
In Nomine (IX: in 11/4)
In Nomine (X)
In Nomine (XII: in D)
Jam lucis orto sidere (2 verses) (by Tallis?)
Miserere (I: 3 settings)
Miserere (II)
Miserere (III)
Prelude and Carol ‘Laet ons met herten reijne’
Prelude and Fantasia
Prelude and Fantasia in the Eighth mode on ‘Sol ut, mi fa sol la’
Prelude and In Nomine (XI)
Prelude and Veni Redemptor gentium (II)
Salvator mundi (I: 3 settings)
Salvator mundi (II)
Salvator mundi (III) (by Tallis?)
Salve Regina (I: 5 verses)
Salve Regina (II: 2 verses: incomplete?)
Telluris ingens conditor (7 verses) (by Tallis?)
Te lucis ante terminum (by Tallis?)
Ut re mi fa sol la (I: Chromatic)
Ut re mi fa sol la (II: Treble ostinato)
Ut re mi fa sol la (III: 5 parts)
Veni Redemptor gentium (I)
Vexilla regis prodeunt (4 verses) (by Tallis?)
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