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Cosyn, Benjamin: Complete Keyboard Music

Ref: MB107 ISBN: 9780852499672 ISMN: 9790220227882 Categories: , , , , By:


Edited by Orhan Memed with additional material by Alan Brown
First published in 2023
Pages: 240
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 28
Weight: 1.679kg

The addition of Benjamin Cosyn to Musica Britannica’s unrivalled collection of Tudor and Jacobean works for keyboard significantly enlarges our view of music-making in seventeenth-century England. A contemporary of Tomkins, and as long-lived, he wrote organ voluntaries, plainsong settings, pavans, galliards, grounds and secular song variations, plus alman–coranto–saraband suites of the type that were to characterise the Commonwealth and Restoration. Scholars have long been indebted to Cosyn as collector and copyist of pieces by Bull, Gibbons and others. Though owing much to Bull and Gibbons in particular, his own compositions show an individual spirit and bravura that suggest a formidable virtuosity and distinctive creative voice. MB107 includes items by Cosyn from the ‘Cosyn’ Virginal Book, his versions of pieces by Byrd and Bull from the same collection, works from other sources, and works unattributed or of likely authorship.

Any individual work from this volume is available in printed or digital (PDF) format on request (

  1. Alman [a]
  2. Alman [C] [No. 36a in Volume]
  3. Alman [C] [No. 50a in Volume]
  4. Alman ([Orlando Gibbons], set by Cosyn) [a]
  5. Alman ([Simon] Ives, set by Cosyn) [C]
  6. [Alman:] The Goldfinch [C]
  7. Alman (William Young, set by Cosyn) [d]
  8. Coranto ([by Cosyn?]) [a]
  9. Coranto [C]
  10. Coranto [d]
  11. Coranto ([Pierre de la Barre?, set by Cosyn?]) [C]
  12. Coranto ([William Lawes], set by Cosyn) [G]
  13. Coranto ([William] Lawes, set by Cosyn) [g]
  14. Cross-handed Galliard [G]
  15. Dr Bull’s Grief (John Bull) [G]
  16. Dum aurora (Thomas Crecquillon, set by Cosyn) [F–C]
  17. Fantastical Pavan (John Bull) [a]
  18. Fillida flouts me [C]
  19. Galliard [a]
  20. Galliard [d]
  21. Galliard [F]
  22. Galliard [G]
  23. Galliard (John Bull) [a]
  24. Galliard (John Cosyn?, set by Benjamin Cosyn) [a]
  25. Go from my window (William Byrd) [G]
  26. Ground [a]
  27. Ground [g]
  28. Lachrimae Pavan (John Dowland, set by Cosyn) [a] [Appendix]
  29. Lachrimae Pavan (John Dowland, set by Cosyn) [a] [No. 3a in Volume]
  30. Lord Lumley’s Pavan [G]
  31. Miserere [G]
  32. Mr Stroud’s Galliard [G]
  33. My Lord Burrow’s Galliard [d]
  34. My Lord Rich his Galliard [G]
  35. My Self [G]
  36. Packington’s Pound [g]
  37. Pavan [a]
  38. Pavan ([Simon] Ives, set by Cosyn) [C]
  39. Prelude [d]
  40. Prelude [E]
  41. Queen Elizabeth’s Pavan (John Bull) [a]
  42. Saraband [a]
  43. Saraband [C]
  44. Saraband [d]
  45. Saraband ([Simon] Ives, [set by Cosyn?]) [C]
  46. Saraband ([William Lawes], set by Cosyn) [a]
  47. [Second] Galliard to Dr Bull’s Fantastic Pavan (Benjamin Cosyn or John Bull) [a]
  48. Sermone blando [G]
  49. Sir Richard Lutener’s Galliard [d]
  50. Sir Robert Southwell’s Galliard [g]
  51. The Chestnut [a]
  52. The King’s Hunt [G]
  53. The Queen’s Command [C]
  54. The Scotch Covenant [C]
  55. Thomas Lupo’s Galliard [g]
  56. Ut re mi fa sol la [G]
  57. [Voluntary I] [a]
  58. [Voluntary II] [G]
  59. [Voluntary IV] [a]
  60. [Voluntary V] [a]
  61. [Voluntary VI] [G]
  62. What you will [G]
  63. Why ask you? [d] 


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