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Jeffreys, George: English Sacred Music

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Transcribed and edited by Jonathan Wainwright
First published in 2021
Pages: 264
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 30
Weight: 1.8kg

Publication of the complete English sacred music of George Jeffreys (c.1610–1685) opens a window on the achievement of one of the few pre-Commonwealth composers wholeheartedly committed to the contemporary Italianate stile nuovo.  Besides a quantity of sacred works in Latin, there are 26 surviving English anthems and devotional pieces, plus three settings from the Communion Service, an impressive output for someone employed for most of his life primarily as a steward to the Hatton family. Though only one of his works was published in his lifetime, Jeffreys’s compositions are preserved in several autograph manuscripts that are the basis of this edition.

Individual choral works published in Musica Britannica volume 105 are available for sale as licensed PDF files.


Title Forces
Communion Service Responses C A/T T B bc
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts C A/T T B bc
Glory be to God on high C A/T T B bc
Praise the Lord, O my soul [i] (104 Psalm) B bc
With notes that are both loud and sweet

(For the Ascension of our Blessed Saviour)

B B bc
Brightest sun, how was thy light (Epiphany) T T B bc
Glory to God on high (Morning Hymne) A/T T B bc
Hear my prayer, O Lord (Psalme 39) T T B bc
Praise the Lord, O my soul [ii] (Psalme 104) C C B bc
See, the word is incarnate

Pt 2 The Paschal Lamb

Pt 3 Glory be to the Lamb

A/T T B bc
Sing unto the Lord T T B bc
Unto thee, O Lord (Psalme 25)

Pt 2 Shew me thy ways, O Lord

T T B bc
Awake my soul C A/T T B bc
Great and marvellous are thy works (Hymne) C A/T T B bc
He beheld the city (Luc: 19) C A/T T B bc
How wretched is the state you all are in C A/T T B bc
In the midst of life A/T T T B bc
Turn thee again A A/T T B bc
Turn thou us, O good Lord A T T B bc
What praise can reach thy clemency C A/T T B bc
A music strange (For Whitsunday) C C A/T T B bc
Brightest of days (For the Epiphany) C C/A A/T T B bc
Busy time this day

(For the Blessed Innocents’ Day)

C C A/T T B bc
Hark, shepherd swains

(For the Nativity of our most Blessed Saviour)

C C T T B bc
Look up, all eyes

(For the Ascension of our Blessed Saviour)

C C T T B bc
Rise heart; thy Lord is risen

(For the Resurrection of our Blessed Saviour)

C C T T B bc
The Lord in thy adversity

(Psalme 20)

C C A/T T B bc
Whisper it easily

(On the Passion of our Blessed Saviour)

C C T T B bc
Almighty God, who mad’st thy blessed Son

(For the Circumcision of our Blessed Saviour)

[C C] A/T T B [bc] inc.
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