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Keyboard Music from Fitzwilliam Manuscripts


Edited by Christopher Hogwood & Alan Brown
First published in 2017
Pages: 248
Format: Hardback
Dimensions (mm): 330 x 254 x 28
Weight: 1.712kg

Complementary to MB96, the 85 items in MB102 complete the coverage of the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book in Musica Britannica. With the exception of four pieces by Sweelinck available elsewhere, MB102 contains all the Fitzwilliam content not otherwise already published in individual MB virginalist-composer collections or in the three anthology volumes, MB1, MB55 and MB66. In addition, there are ten pieces from another important keyboard source in the collection of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum, the Tisdale Virginal Book. The volume was a long-time project of the late Christopher Hogwood, and has been brought to completion by his co-editor Alan Brown.

Full contents…(PDF)



Composer Title
ANONYMOUS Allemanda [G]
ANONYMOUS [HOOPER, Edmund?] Alman [E]
ANONYMOUS Alman [G] [No. 34 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS Alman [G] [No. 44 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS, arr. BYRD, William [?] A Medley
ANONYMOUS Barafostus’ Dream
ANONYMOUS [HOOPER, Edmund?] Coranto [A]
ANONYMOUS Coranto [a]
ANONYMOUS Coranto (A Toy) [G]
ANONYMOUS Coranto [D] [No. 52a in Volume]
ANONYMOUS Coranto [D] [No. 52b in Volume]
ANONYMOUS Coranto [d] [No. 49 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS Coranto [d] [No. 53 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS [Coranto] [F]
ANONYMOUS Coranto [G] [No. 46 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS Coranto [G] [No. 55 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS Coranto [g]
ANONYMOUS Coranto: Lady Rich
ANONYMOUS [Felix namque (Alleluia)]
ANONYMOUS Galliard [d]
ANONYMOUS, arr. LADLAWE, Briant In sorrows drown’d
ANONYMOUS Martin said to his man
ANONYMOUS [BULL, John?] My Desire
ANONYMOUS [COSYN, Benjamin] Packington’s Pound
ANONYMOUS [BULL, John?] Paul’s Wharf
ANONYMOUS Prelude: El. Kidermisters
ANONYMOUS Prelude [G] [No. 2 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS (BULL, John?) Prelude [G] [No. 5 in Volume]
ANONYMOUS The Irish Dump
ANONYMOUS The Irish Ho-Hoane
ANONYMOUS The King’s Morisco
BULL, [John] or COSYN, Benjamin? [Second] Galliard to Dr Bull’s Fantastic Pavan
BYRD, William [?] Galliard [a]
BYRD, William [?] Malt’s come down
BYRD, William [?] Pavan [C]
[CAMPIAN, Thomas], arr. ANON. Shall I come?
[DOWLAND, John], arr. ANON. [Galliard:] Can she excuse?
[DOWLAND, John] arr. PEERSON, Martin Piper’s Pavan
‘FRE.’ [?] [Pavan:] Heaven and Earth
GALEAZZO Prelude [g]
[HOLBORNE, Anthony], arr. ANON. Nowell’s Galliard
[HOLBORNE, Anthony arr. BYRD, William] Pavan [a]
HOOPER, [Edmund] Alman [A]
HOOPER, [Edmund] Coranto [C]
INGLOTT, William A Galliard Ground
INGLOTT, William The leaves be green
JOHNSON [John], [arr.] JOHNSON, Edward Johnson’s Medley
JOHNSON, Robert Alman [I] [d]
JOHNSON, Robert Alman [II] [D]
[JOHNSON, Robert], arr. ANON. Alman [C]
[JOHNSON, Robert] [Pavan] [g]
MARCHANT, [John] Allemanda [C]
MORLEY, Thomas Fantasia [d]
MORLEY, Thomas Galliard [a]
MORLEY, [Thomas] Galliard [d]
MORLEY, Thomas Galliard [F]
MORLEY, Thomas Nancie
MORLEY, [Thomas] Passamezzo Pavan
MORLEY, Thomas Pavan [a]
MORLEY, [Thomas], arr. HEYBORNE [RICHARDSON, Ferdinando] Pavan [d]
MORLEY, Thomas Pavan [F]
MORLEY, Thomas / MUNDAY, John Go from my window
MUNDAY, John Fantasia [a]
MUNDAY, John Fantasia (‘Faire Wether’)
MUNDAY, [John] Munday’s Joy
MUNDAY, John Robin
OLDFIELD, Thomas Prelude [a]
OYSTERMAYRE, Jehan Galliard [G]
PEERSON, Martin Alman [C]
PEERSON, Martin The fall of the leaf
PEERSON, Martin The Primrose
PICCHI, Giovanni Toccata [d]
RICHARDSON, Ferdinando Galliard [g]
RICHARDSON, Ferdinando Pavan [g]
RICHARDSON, Ferdinando Variatio [g] [No. 12b in Volume]
RICHARDSON, Ferdinando Variatio [g] [No. 12d in Volume]
TISDALE [Coranto] [G]
TISDALE [Coranto or Jig] [a]
TISDALL, William Almand [a]
TISDALL, William Galliard [a]
TISDALL, William Pavan [g]
TISDALL, William Pavan: Clement Cotton
TISDALL, William Pavana Chromatica (Mrs Katherin Tregians Paven)
WARROCK, Thomas Galliard [B flat]
WARROCK, Thomas Pavan [B flat]
W. B. Sir John Gray’s Galliard
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