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Dowland, John: A Pilgrimes Solace (1612) and Three Songs from A Musicall Banquet


Edited by E H Fellowes. Revised by Thurston Dart
With Lute Tablature and treble and bass viol parts

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Cease these false sports (solo and 5-part)
Disdain me still (E – E)
Far from triumphing court (D – E)
From silent night (D – E)
Galliard to Lachrimae (lute solo)
Go nightly cares (C – D)
If my complaints (C – E)
If that a sinner’s sighs (G – G)
In darkness let me dwell (C – E)
In this trembling shadow cast (F sharp – E flat)
Lady if you so spite me (G – F)
Lasso vita mia (D – E)
Love those beams (F sharp – G)
My heart and tongue were twins (A – A)
Shall I strive with words to move (E – D)
Stay time awhile thy flying (E – D)
Sweet stay awhile (E – E)
Tell me true love (D – D)
Thou mighty God (D – E)
To ask for all thy love (E – G)
Up merry mates (solo voices and 4-part)
Welcome black night (solo voice and 5-part chorus)
Were every thought and eye (G – G)
When David’s life (E – E)
When the poor cripple (E – E)
Where sin sore wounding (A – G)

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