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Dowland, John: The Third Booke of Songs (1603)


Edited by E H Fellowes. Revised by Thurston Dart
With Lute Tablature

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Behold a wonder here (G – E)
By a fountain where I lay (F sharp – F)
Come when I call (Duet: F sharp – D and D – B flat)
Daphne was not so chaste (E – F)
Farewell, too fair (G sharp – E)
Farewell unkind (F sharp – E)
Fie on this feigning (F – G)
Flow not so fast, ye fountains (G – G)
I must complain (G – G)
It was a time when silly bees (D – E flat)
Lend your ears to my sorrow (E – E)
Love stood amaz’d (A – G)
Lowest trees have tops (D – D)
Me, me and none but me (G – E)
O what hath overwrought (F sharp – F)
Say love if ever thou didst find (F sharp – D)
Time stands still (G – D)
Weep you no more sad fountains (D – G)
What if I never speed (E – E)
What poor astronomers (D – E)
When Phoebus first did Daphne love (G – E)

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