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Twenty Songs from Printed Sources


To the Lute, Bandora, Cittern and Lyra Viol
Edited by David Greer
No Lute Tablature is printed


ALISON, Richard
O Lord, turn not away thy face (AATB or AAT)
When we sat in Babylon (AATB or AAT)

But this, and then no more (C – C)
How can the tree but waste (B – B)
Sweet are the thoughts that savour of content (D – F)
Those eyes that set my fancy on a fire (A – B)

More now with measur’d sound (Duet: D – E and G – A)
Now hath Flora robb’d her bow’rs (Duet: D – E and D – G)
Woo her and win her (F – E)

GILES, Thomas
Triumph now with joy and mirth (D – D)

HUME, Tobias
Cease, leaden slumber, dreaming (F sharp – F)
Fain would I change that note (D – G)
Soldier’s Song: I sing the praise of honour’d wars (G – G)
Tobacco! Tobacco! Sing sweetly for tobacco! (D – F)
What greater grief (D – F)

LANIER, Nicholas
Bring away this sacred tree (D – F)

LUPO, Thomas
Shows and nightly revels (D – E flat)
Time that leads the fatal round (D – E)

MORLEY, Thomas
O grief! e’en on the bud (F – E flat)

Now, Cupid, look about thee (D – G)

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