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Dowland, Robert (Compiler): A Musicall Banquet


Edited by Peter Stroud
No Lute Tablature is printed

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Go, my flock, go get you hence (D – D);
O bella più (Sun, moon and stars) (D – G);
O dear life, when shall it be? (D – D);
Passava Amor su arco desarmado (Silently and sadly Love was passing) (F – F);
Sta notte mi sognava (Last night I dreamed of hell) (D – F);
Vuestros ojos tienen d’Amor (Love in all its mystery is in thine eyes) (D – B)

To plead my faith (F – F)

CACCINI, Giulio:
Amarilli mia bella (Amarillis, thou goddess beloved) (D – E);
Dovrò dunque morire? (Must I die then?) (D – D)

Far from triumphing court (D – E);
In darkness let me dwell (C – E);
Lady, if you so spite me (G – F);
Sir Robert Sidney his galliard

GUÉDRON, Pierre:
Ce penser qui sans fin tirannise ma vie (This thought that causes me such endless grief and misery) (C – F);
Si le parler et le silence (If key of speech or lock of silence) (C – F);
Vous que le Bonheur rappelle (Thou, whom Fortune, now turn’d tender) (F – F)

HALES, Robert:
O eyes, leave off your weeping (E flat – E flat)

HOLBORNE, Anthony:
My heavy sprite, opress’d with sorrow’s might (F sharp – G)

MARTIN, Richard:
Change thy mind since she doth change (G – G)

MEGLI, Domenico:
Se di farmi morire (Do not think that I sigh) (D – E)

TESSIER, Guillaume:
In a grove most rich of shade (D – F)

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