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Rosseter, Philip: A Book of Ayres (1601)


Edited by E H Fellowes. Revised by Thurston Dart
With Lute Tablature

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And would you fain the reason no (G – F)
And would you see my mistress’; face (G – F)
Ay me that love (F sharp – F)
If I hope I pine (F sharp – D)
If I urge my kind desires (F sharp – D)
If she forsake me (F sharp – E)
Kind in unkindness (F sharp – F)
Let him that will be free (F sharp – E)
Long have mine eyes gaz’d (F sharp – E flat)
No grave for woe (D – D)
Reprove not love (D – D)
Shall I come if I swim (D – D)
Shall then a traitorous kiss (F sharp – D)
Sweet come again (G – G)
Though far from joy (F sharp – F)
Unless there were consent (F sharp – E flat)
What heart’s content (F sharp – E)
What is a day (F – E flat)
What then is love but mourning (G – F)
When Laura smiles (D – E)
Whether men do laugh or weep (D – E)

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