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Pilkington, Francis: The First Booke of Songs (1605)


Edited by E H Fellowes. Revised by Thurston Dart
With Lute Tablature

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Alas fair face (F sharp – E)
Ay me, she frowns (F – G)
Beauty sat bathing (D – F)
Can she disdain? (E – E)
Climb O heart (D – F)
Come, come all you (D – E)
Diaphenia, like the daffdowndilly (D – D)
Down a down thus Phyllis sung (D – D)
I sigh as sure to wear the fruit (E – E)
Look mistress mine (F sharp – F)
Music dear solace to my thoughts (D- F)
My choice is made (D – F)
Now let her change (E – F)
Now peep, Bo Peep (E – F)
Pavan for the lute and bass viol
Rest sweet nymphs (G – F)
Sound woeful plaints (D – D)
Thanks gentle moon (D – E)
Underneath a cypress shade (F – F)
Whither so fast? (E – E)
With fragrant flow’rs (D – E flat)
You that pine in long desire (E – E)

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