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Johnson, Robert: Airs, Songs and Dialogues


Transcribed and edited by Ian Spink
No Lute Tablature printed

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Adieu, fond love! (B flat- D)
Arm, arm! (D – G)
As I walk’d forth (D – G)
Ave rose sine spinis (D – A)
Away delights (E – F)
Care-charming sleep (C – F)
Charon, oh Charon (Duet) (D – D and G – E)
Come away, Hecate (C – F)
Come away, thou lady gay! (C – A)
Come heavy sleep (D – D)
Come hither you that love (D – E)
Dear, do not your fair beauty wrong (F – G)
For every let thy heav’nly taper (F – A)
From the famous Peak of Derby (E – E)
Full fathom five (F sharp – F)
Get you hence, for I must go (D – F)
Hark! hark! the lark (F – A)
Have you seen the bright lily grow? (F – F)
How wretched is the state (E flat – G)
Oh, let us howl! (C – F)
Orpheus I am (C – F)
Shall I like a hermit dwell? (G – G)
Tell me, dearest (G – F)
‘Tis late and cold (D – B)
Where the bee sucks (D – E)
With endless tears (G – G)
Woods, rocks and mountains (C – E)

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