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Danyel, John: Songs for the Lute, Viol and Voice (1606)


Edited by E H Fellowes. Revised by Thurston Dart
No Lute Tablature is printed

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Can doleful notes (B – D)
Coy Daphne fled (C – F)
Dost thou withdraw thy grace? (G – F)
Drop not mine eyes (C sharp – E)
Eyes look no more (D – E)
Grief, keep within (C sharp – E)
Have all our passions (C – E)
He whose desires are still abroad (D – F)
I die whenas I do not see (C – E)
If I could shut the gate (E – E)
Let not Cloris think (C – D)
Like as the lute delights (C – E flat)
Mrs Anne Grene (lute only)
No, let chromatic tunes (B – D)
Now, the earth, the skies, the air (group of voices/duet D – E: C – E)
Stay, cruel stay (D – E)
Thou pretty bird (D – F)
Time cruel time (E flat – E flat)
Uncertain certain turns (C – D)
What delight can they enjoy? (D – F)
Why canst thou not? (E – F)

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