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Arne, Thomas: Lyric Harmony (1745–46)

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Facsimile: Songs and duets. Printed score, W. Smith
Introduction by Christopher Hogwood

Born in 1710, Arne became the leading figure in English theatrical music during the unsettled and adventurous period between the 1730s and his death in 1778. Since his Catholicism prevented him from taking a church or court appointment, Arne turned his composing efforts to the world of London entertainment music. His natural melodic style suited the public that resorted to the pleasure gardens, and over the next 20 years Arne established a position at Vauxhall, Ranelagh and Marylebone as the most popular vocal composer.

Arne capitalised on his success at Vauxhall by publishing in early September 1745 the first collection of Lyric Harmony. A second collection was published on 1 September 1746.

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