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Jacobean Keyboard Music: An Anthology


Selected from Musica Britannica Volume 96. Edited by Alan Brown.

All eighteen pieces in this collection are reliably dated to the reign of James I, and whether by named composers or anonymous ones, appear in sources other than the notable virginal books preserved in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. The contents demonstrate the variety of forms in the keyboard repertoire of this period, from plainsong-based compositions to dances by Orlando Gibbons. The ‘Pretty ways for young beginners to look on’, possibly by Thomas Tomkins, are a fascinating example of music contemporary to the time, written with the didactic purpose of instructing musicians in the techniques of counterpoint.

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Prelude in d: Edward Gibbons
Gaudent in caelis: Anon.
Miserere: Anon.
Upon a plainsong: Attrib. Orlando Gibbons
Verse in G: Anon.
Fantasia in a: John (or Thomas) Holmes
Fantasia in G: Attrib. Orlando Gibbons
Fantasia in G: Anon.
Pavan in e: Anon.
Galliard in C: Anon.
Galliard in F: Anon.
Fortune my foe: Anon.
Alman in F: Thomas Tomkins
Ballet in G: James Harding, arr. Anon.
Coranto in C: Anon.
Jig in G: Anon.
Tomboy: Anon.
Pretty ways for young beginners to look on: Anon. (Thomas Tomkins?)

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