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Eighteenth-Century English Keyboard Concertos. Volume 1


Edited by Peter Lynan

The keyboard concertos in K46 contain both solo material and a simple reduction of the orchestral passages, and this allows the concertos to be played either with or without orchestral accompaniment. Full details are given in the introduction as well as in MB94.

Sets of instrumental material which may be used to accompany the concertos are available.

William FELTON: Concerto op. 1 no. 1 in C major (1744)
Benjamin COOKE: Concerto in D major (1749)
William HAYES: Concerto in D major (1755)
Thomas ARNE: Concerto no. 5 in G minor (by 1755?)
Thomas CHILCOT: Concerto set 1 no. 2 in A minor (1756)

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