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Clarke, Jeremiah: Miscellaneous Keyboard Pieces


Aire, T45C; An Aire, T451; An Ayre T452; Almand; The Bonny Gray Ey’d Morn, T363; Chacone, T420; Cibelle, T453; A New Cebell, T462; Come Sweet Lass, T336; A Farewell, T454; King James’s Farewell, T457; Gavott, T455; Hornpipe, T456; The Country Mans Jigg, T342; Mdm. Subligny’s Jigg, T458; A March, T433; The Prince of Denmark’s March, T435; Prince Eugene’s March, T436; The Emperour of Germany’s March, T431; The Duke of Glocester’s March, T430; The Kings March, T432; Minuet, T459; Minuett, T460; Round O Minuett, T 492; Round O Minuett, T464; Round O; Scotch Aire, T465; A New Scotch Tune, T463; The Serenade, T437; A Trip to Berry, T466; A Trip to Case-horten, T467; A Trumpet Minnuett, T439; Trumpet Tune, T438; Scotch Trumpet Tune, T434; Untitled, T408.5

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