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Clarke, Jeremiah: Seven Early Keyboard Suites


Edited by John Harley

Suite No. 1 in G: A Ground; Corant; An Aire; Minuet
Suite No. 2 in A: Almand; Round O; Jigg
Suite No. 3 in B minor: Almand; Corant; Saraband
Suite No. 4 in C minor: Almand; Corant; Minuet
Suite No. 5 in C: Almand; Corant (I); A Jigg; An Entry; Corant (II) Minuet; Donawert March
Suite No. 6 in D: Almand; Corant; Minuet; Duke of Marlborough’s March
Suite No. 7 in A minor: Almand; Corant; Saraband

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