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Musick’s Handmaid: The First Part


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Transcribed and edited by Thurston Dart from Playford’s original publication of 80 short pieces by the major composers of the mid-17th century.


Alman; Bow Bells; Canaries; Corant; Corant ‘La Chabott’; Corant ‘La Montague’; Corant ‘Le Mounseer’; Country Dance; Digby’s Farewell; Duke of York’s March; First Saraband; Freeman’s Delight; Gerard’s Mistress; Glory of the West; Grange; Hay; Highlanders’ March; Holles’ Farewell; Hunsdon House; Jocobella; King’s Delight; Lady Sandy’s; Delight; Mitter Rant; Montrose’s March; New Minuet; Parthenia; Pleasant Spring; Princess Royal; Queen’s Mask; Running Bourée; Saraband (15); Saraband (23); Saraband (58); Saraband Royal; Scottish March; Second Saraband; Sellinger’s Round; Tune of the 6th Psalm: ‘Windsor Tune’; Tune of the 25th Psalm; Tune of the 71st Psalm: ‘York Tune’; Tune of the 95th Psalm: ‘St David’s Tune’;

BRYAN, Albertus
Ayre (59); Ayre (62); Corant; Saraband (61); Saraband (63)

BULL, John

GIBBS, Thomas
Lord Monck’s March


Italian Rant

LAWES, William
Ayre; Corant (8); Corant (46); Golden Grove; Saraband (9); Saraband (47); Saraband (49); Symphony

LOCKE, Matthew
Alman; Antic Dance; Apes’ Dance; Ayre (66); Ayre (68); Bondman’s Dance; Cimmerians’ Dance; Saraband (65); Saraband (67); Saraband (69)

MELL, Davis

MOSS, John

PRATT, Thomas
Ayre called ‘Corke’; Saraband to ‘Corke’

ROGERS, Benjamin
Ayre; Corant; Jigg; Saraband

SANDLEY, Benjamin
Ayre; Corant; Jigg; Saraband


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