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Edited by Thurston Dart

A critical edition of the famous book first published in 1612-13, with 21 pieces by Byrd, Bull and Gibbons.
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BULL, John
(Galiardo in D (XIIII); Galiardo in D (XV); Galiardo: St Thomas Wake; Galiardo to Pavana 12; Pavana in G; Pavana: St Thomas Wake; Preludium in G)

BYRD, William
(Galiardo: Mistress Mary Brownlo; Galiardo Secundo: The Earl of Salisbury; Galiardo: Sir William Petre; Galiardo: The Earl of Salisbury; Pavana: Sir William Petre; Pavana: The Earl of Salisbury; Preludium in C; Preludium in G)

GIBBONS, Orlando
(Fantazia of Four Parts; Galiardo in C; Galiardo: The Earl of Salisbury; Lord of Salisbury his Pavin; Preludium in G; Queen’s Command)

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